What makes QuickBooks Premier hosting superior than in-house servers?

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When it comes to deciding the server for your business, then you need to consider a lot of information. But the two most famous and used ways of moving to the cloud in today’s world are the hosting and the in-house server.

The function of these two servers is almost similar; sharing, storing and editing files on the cloud but there are lots of difference in their feature, price and the way of adoption. The common perception and which is true about these two servers is that the in house server is suitable only for large scale companies and the hosting service suitable for companies of all sizes and type.

Choosing a server for your QuickBooks Premier accounting solution can be quite tricky, but only in the case if you don’t have enough information about the cloud and the type of server options you have. In this world of neck-wrenching competition and startups struggling with a minimal budget, most of the small businesses go with the QuickBooks Premier hosting because it fits like a glove in their business and accounting needs.

On one side, the in-house server requires managing everything on your own and that’s why it is suitable for large scale companies because they have abundant of resources while on the other side, the QuickBooks Premier hosting requires almost zero maintenance, which allows the small business to focus on their core work as too much multitasking for SME owners can hamper their productivity.

So, let’s take a look at why the QuickBooks Premier hosting is far better than the QuickBooks Premier in-house server so that you can clear your doubts and choose the best solution for your small scale business, regardless of the industry you are dealing with.

IT requirement is nullified

If you are going with the QuickBooks Premier hosting solution in which you host your QB solution on the server of a third- party hosting provider, the servers are off-site and all the cost involved in maintaining the IT of the cloud is nullified. Along with minimizing the IT requirement, the hosting solution also makes sure that you don’t need to go hunting for an IT team while on the other side, the in-house server means all the IT requirements will be on you and this will add up to your budget of moving on the cloud.

Along with that, you will also have to find the best IT team so that they can keep working on the uptime of the server and on the issues arising on the server on a frequent basis. So by choosing the QuickBooks Premier hosting solution, you will be saving on the additional cost spent on the manpower needed to maintain the IT infrastructure.

Device Restriction

Another big factor which restricts the small businesses from choosing the in-house server solution is the device restriction. In the in-house server solution, you will be able to use the QuickBooks solution on only those desktops or laptops on which the QB has been installed, which acts as a big limitation for all the users who are looking for flexible accessibility. It also means even after pouring a hefty amount of money in your in-house server, you still will have to deal with a couple of limitations in terms of accessibility.

On the other side, the QuickBooks Premier hosting gives you the flexibility to access your books from any device; laptop, desktop, tab, iPad, mobile. So, you will not need to carry your laptop everywhere in order to have your books on your fingertips 24/7. The QuickBooks Premier hosting solution allows you to carry your books and all your data even in your pocket and that’s what makes the mobile accounting so popular and famous.

No assurance of uptime

High uptime has become so much important for most of the businesses that they are willing to pay even more for it. The high uptime makes sure that the business is running smoothly and there are no interruption and delay in their business processes.

In the QuickBooks Premier hosting services, you get a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%, which means that during a whole year, you will have to face only a few minutes of downtime which is almost negligible. Such a high uptime in an economical budget makes the hosting solution an ultimate choice for the SMEs.

While in the case of the QB Premier in-house server, there is no guarantee of the uptime as it all depends on the dedication and the skill of your IT team. Even if you face a downtime in your in-house server solution, you will have no one to blame instead of your own IT team because you are responsible for your own high uptime.

Backup on your own

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, your data will always need to be put on a 360- degree secure platform but sometimes due to catastrophic events, even the world class security isn’t able to protect your data from getting erased or lost. For dealing with such cases, you need to have a strong backup plan so that you can recover your data very easily even after facing a major catastrophic event.

In the in-house server solution, you and your IT team are responsible for creating the backup and if you don’t have a robust backup plan for your business data then you might also suffer complete data loss.

But in the case of QuickBooks Premier hosting services, you don’t have to take the hassle of creating backup as automatic backup service comes with the cloud package which you purchase from the QB hosting provider. In the backup service, fortnightly backup is created for all your data on the cloud at different locations so that you don’t have to lose any data and that also acts as a strong disaster recovery plan for your business.

On one side, the QuickBooks Premier hosting service gives you the advantage of automatic backup, high uptime, economic pricing and less hassle while on the other side, the in-house server adds up to your limitations, turns into a money guzzler solution and restricts you from accessing the real benefits of the cloud. So it’s better to go with the QuickBooks Premier hosting rather than pouring hefty amount of money in the in-house server.

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