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The one accounting software which brought the much-needed change in the way of accounting is QuickBooks. Started as an accounting software to meet the accounting needs of individuals and families, soon this revolutionary software became a benchmark in the accounting software industry. After QuickBooks became popular among SMEs, CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers, many other companies entered into the market, but even after a decade of its entrance, the QuickBooks accounting software still dominates the market.

But when everyone was thinking that the desktop installed QB will be the only future of accounting, cloud computing came to their surprise. The cloud computing platform soon became a new normal in the field of accounting and after realizing the numerous benefits offered by the cloud solution, people started moving from desktop installed QB to QuickBooks cloud hosting.

Currently, the QB dominated the US market with more than 80% market share and most of the users are preferring the QuickBooks cloud hosting over any other version of the QB or any other accounting software solution.

What mainly happens in the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution is after choosing the best QuickBooks hosting provider, your QB software is hosted on the cloud server of the cloud provider. Along with the cloud-based benefits, you get many other benefits at a very economical cost and that’s what makes the cloud version of QB superior than any other format.

We will look at the 3 main pillars of the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution and analyze them in the context of small business in a detailed way.


In today’s world, if a business is not having a scalable solution for most of its operations, then with such rigidness it would have to face a lot of problems in the future. This is 100% true for small businesses because they have to grow through a growth phase, which keeps changing their business needs and that’s why every small business should opt for a scalable solution so that they won’t have to face problems even during the change.

The QuickBooks cloud hosting fits perfectly into the needs of a scalable business solution because when you choose a QuickBooks hosting provider, you don’t have to get bound by any type of contract and that makes you free from sticking to the cloud provider even when the service is not good. You can easily scale up or scale down your cloud requirements without changing the cloud provider for matching your needs with your chosen business solution like QuickBooks cloud hosting. So by choosing the QuickBooks cloud hosting as your business solution, you will get the much required scalable solution and that too at a nominal rate.


The support system of any service can be considered as its backbone because without a facile customer support team, running the solution in the business will become intricate. A good customer support team makes sure that you are out of any type of issue or problem as soon as possible and the same thing happens in the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution.

Round the clock customer support service offered by the cloud providers comes for free with the QuickBooks cloud hosting service. The team of the customer support team is comprised of a large group of industry experts who have been trained to make problem-solving a facile activity and that’s the reason why our company focuses so much on a robust and quick responding customer support service  so as our clients don’t have to hang on with an issue for long.

You can call, email or chat through the portal offered by the cloud provider and if the cloud provider is as good as us then you will get an instant response and your problem will be solved within a blink of an eye.


Every business saw how the year 2018 turned out to be a year of cybercrimes and hacks and that’s why now most of the business become very conservative regarding the security of their data in the digital world. From ransomware attack to other major threats, nowadays, most of the businesses are aware of the risk related to security of their data and therefore, they are now in no mood to compromise it.

The QuickBooks cloud hosting offers very watertight security for the accounting data of the users. The cloud is day by day improved by powering it with latest safety measures and therefore, breaching the data stored on the cloud through the QuickBooks cloud hosting is still very much difficult even for the top hackers.

Your data remain in the cloud in an encrypted form which could only be read with by the authorized person. So even if somehow, the hackers are able to get your data, it will still be useless for them as they won’t be able to read it because of the encryption. Other than encryption, the cloud platform is also protected through double-factor authentication, anti-malware, firewall and anti-virus in the latest form.

Even the data centers used by the QuickBooks cloud hosting provider are highly secured and only authorized people can enter into the premise. Along with that, the data centers are monitored round the clock and the best safety system is installed to assure bank-level security.

Final Note

The QuickBooks cloud hosting is the ultimate choice for both professionals and newbies all around the world because it offers the user-friendliness for the new users and advanced accounting tools for professionals with the power of the cloud. The QuickBooks cloud hosting doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket is it is quite a feasible solution even for small and medium-sized businesses. You can buy cloud packages in less than $30/month and that won’t affect even your watertight budget.

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