The Current Implementations Of The Cloud Technology

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The current era has witnessed a vast technological evolution, which has not only modernized our world but has also allowed us to become effective. There are several technological gifts which have steered our success as a technologically advanced generation and helped us to look into the future.

From Artificial intelligence to machine learning, all the technological blessings have helped us to move forward and make our lives better. But in addition to benefiting the common people, these technological evolutions have also revolutionized various industries as well.  Now people have moved from pen and paper to software and one such technology which has completely changed the way of working for everybody is cloud computing.

The concept of cloud computing can be witnessed way back in 1950 when multiple users were able to access a central computer with the help of dumb terminals. It took a very long time for the concept of cloud to shape into the form which we are witnessing today.  Through several improvements and additions, cloud computing finally became an economical solution for even small and medium-sized business.

Nowadays, the cloud computing has become a new normal for businesses as more and more firms are adopting the cloud computing in order to capitalize on the competitive advantage gained from this fruitful technology. According to a recent survey conducted by IDG, it has been found that by 2019, 9 out of 10 companies will have at least one business solution on the cloud.

Cloud computing has become a part of our daily life and everyone is using it one way or another. From social media sites to the concept of hosting, cloud computing has a wide area of implementations and by bundling it with concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, we are able to do wonders in the technological field.

So, let’s take a look at how we are using the cloud computing in the current era and getting benefited through its plethora of benefits.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the most ideal uses of the cloud technology. Earlier, only the big players of the industry were able to host their business solutions on the cloud because it required development of IT infrastructure, hiring of IT team and all these was not a feasible solution for small businesses. But with the further development of the cloud hosting solution and with the introduction of the 3rd party hosting provider, the cloud hosting became a practical option for even the SMEs.

Now the startups have to just choose a hosting provider and buy their economical hosting package. It doesn’t require any IT infrastructure setup or hiring of IT team as the third party hosting provider uses its own cloud server for hosting the software of the client and they also provide round the clock customer support without charging any additional fee.

The best example of 3rd party cloud hosting is QuickBooks hosting in which the client hosts his QuickBooks accounting software on the cloud server of the 3rd party hosting provider. With this cloud accounting solution, the user gets many benefits like global accessibility, high uptime, bank-level security and much more.

Cloud storage

Every business should give priority to the safety of its data. Whether it is the financial data or marketing data, the security of files and folders should be taken very seriously. But the earlier method of storing your files on the local hard disk is now outdated as evil-minded people can easily breach into your system and steal your important business data.

The cloud storage solution has proved to be one of the most secure storage location platforms because it has various levels of security which eliminate the chances of your data being stolen or hacked. Two- factor authentication, anti-virus, firewall protection, anti-malware, encrypted messages, and many other security features make cloud storage a 360 degree protected platform for users.

There are many cloud storage solutions which can be used for free like Google Drive, iDrive, Dropbox, etc. But in order to use the advanced features of the cloud storage solution and use more space, you need to buy the cloud storage packages from these solutions. More and more businesses are using cloud storage as their business solution as it also eliminates the chances of complete data loss and provides a solid disaster recovery plan.

App development

Using the cloud platform for app development offers numerous advantages to the user. According to the survey of Evans data cloud development, the average time for developing an app was reduced by 11.6 percent while using the cloud platform. The cloud platform offers a tailored platform for app developers so that they can concentrate more on their app rather than building a genuine platform for their work.

In addition to boosting the speed of app development, the cloud platform also allows the developers to add multiple users on the project and enhance the collaboration. Through this collaboration, people are able to get real-time updates on the changes and work done on the app project.

By using the cloud, you can easily get your application in the production stage and scale the application according to your requirement.

Cloud computing is one of the biggest technological evolutions which is being implemented in each and every part of our life and business processes. If a business wants to gain competitive advantage and survive in the current era, then its need to then it needs to embrace the cloud otherwise it will be left far behind the neck-wrenching race of competition where every competitor is making the most from their cloud computing solution.

We can say that there are still many fields in which the cloud computing solutions needs further improvements and additions, but with the current pace of technological advancement, we will soon be able to witness the perfect form of cloud computing in each and every sector.

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