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Hosted Quickbooks


Being a smart business operator, you must keep the hold of productivity. No matter where you’re, whether physically available to your work-station or not-you should not off duty. And when you mean it, we support you to be omnipresent. Yup, you heard it right; this is what we deliver through our hosted QuickBooks (QuickBooks Hosting).

Hosted Quickbooks

With our whole new & startlingly revolutionizing product (QuickBooks Hosting) we ensure to provide you a whole new way of doing business. The best part is that it’s holistically protected anywhere, anytime and accessible through any device to your data. Moreover, not just you but your team cal also with the same information simultaneously regardless of what device they’re using whether it’s PC, Mac or tablet.

The uniqueness of HighnessCloud QuickBooks hosting services

Work with Highness cloud and surprise yourself

Get an access to the same data, at the same time:

HighnessCloud through its QuickBooks hosting services allows all the staffs including your warehouse manager, accountant, account, as well as your remote employees access the same information that you have at the same time in real-time. It means that everyone in the team can work simultaneously and achieve more working together.

Save time. Be Productive:

Time is Money. You already know it then why waste your money while being apart from your business. From now, while working on any document or making any correction to it, don’t take the inconvenience of visiting client’s office or using other outmoded services to remotely access another computer. Relax at your home or enjoy the day at a beach and easily access all your files at a lightning fast speed.

Bank level security:

Our SAS70 tier II data centers, certified by AICPA, offer you the most advanced security standards on the cloud platform. Talking about the security on physical level, our data centers are monitored round the clock through CCTV surveillance and entry is restricted to authorized people only

High Availability:

With HighnessCloud hosting services, you will get 99.95% of high uptime which will help you to maintain the seamless workflow of your business and words like downtime and slowdown will move out of your dictionary.

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Thrive on the number one QuickBooks cloud hosting provider and let technology streamline your accounting. We are backed by 8 years of experience.

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Why go for QuickBooks hosting services?

Hosted QuickBooks offered by is here to help customer to discover the whole new way of doing business. There would be no more creating copies or sending the heavy routine files back and forth. You can enjoy all the benefits while enjoying the massive functionality of a fully supported desktop solution in a virtual environment.

Access from anywhere at anytime

Access from anywhere at anytime

Break the traditional barriers of being restricted to the local office desktop for accessing your data and amplify your productivity with anywhere, anytime accessibility.

Enhance collaboration and teamwork

Enhance collaboration and teamwork

It doesn’t matter where your employees are located because they all will be able to access the same company file at the same time and through any device, without worrying about any slowdown.

Reduced IT cost

Reduced IT cost

Availing the services of QuickBooks hosting will fit like a glove in your budget because it doesn’t involve installation of any IT infrastructure and or hiring IT employee.

Automated data backup

Automated data backup

With the help of the QuickBooks hosting services, words like complete data loss will become meaningless as you will get the facility of automated data backup on daily basis.

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