Yes, it’s true that there are several QuickBooks cloud hosting providers in the market but Highnesscloud provides you the most economical hosting solution with the most advanced and secured cloud platform where you can work seamlessly and with peace of mind.

As we are operated on a cloud-based server, you can access your cloud-hosted applications from any device which has internet access such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets based on iOS, Mac OSX, Android & Windows.

Yes, you need to own the application if you want to host it. You can either purchase the application or have it on a lease. You will require a license code for your software for hosting it on our secure cloud server.

Accessing data in the cloud is a cakewalk as it doesn’t involve any trouble. You can easily access your cloud data through a desktop icon which is known as RDP web connecter. Just click on the icon once and the server will be launched

All your important financial data is stored in our SAS70 Type II data centers which are highly secured on both physical and virtual level.

No, the process of shifting from your desktop version of your software to the cloud version is very smooth as we have a group of certified engineers and technicians who are well versed in all the cloud and app operations. For installing the application on the cloud, you just need to establish a secure VPN tunnel in your workplace and we will take care of everything else.

Yup! You can…simply cut and paste the files on your local PC or USB storage devices and it will be done. Keep them safe on our immensely reliable secure cloud servers.

With the help of our cutting-edge terminal servers, your data is automatically backed up every night with a 30 day retention period to avoid any data loss

There is no limit to data users and you can assign as many users as you can with different level of access.

Yes, you can easily integrate different add-ons with your hosted application as our cloud server supports all the add-ons of different applications which are hosted on our server.

We host all the versions and editions of QuickBooks on our server, from 2003 to 2018, from Pro to Enterprise.

No, you don’t need to install any type of app or enhance your local desktop hardware capability as we do everything through our cloud server which can be easily accessed through your local desktop.

With the help of a remote desktop, you can easily print your documents. We are fully focused on the universal printing techniques which enable users to access and print the documents from local printer easily.

Yes, you can easily scan your documents. Our hosting supports most of the scanners makes and models.

Yup, it will work. With the help of our cutting-edge hosting techniques, your assigned users will be online without any sort of disturbance. Even if you have a slow internet connection, we strive hard to provide you best services so that you can work efficiently and accurately.

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