Flexible access

Whether you are sitting at home or relaxing during vacation, with HighnessCloud’s Drake hosting service, you will be able to access the company file from anywhere and at anytime.

No device restriction

No more restriction on accessing company file from desktop only as with our hosting service, you can access your company file from any device which has internet access.

Guaranteed uptime

Slowdown doesn’t exist in our dictionary and by availing our services you will also never face it as we provide guaranteed 99.95% of high uptime, so that you can work seamlessly

Round the clock Customer Support

Offload all your IT hassle on us as we provide round the clock technical support through our dedicated team which consists of highly expert and talented IT professionals.

Drake Hosting


HighnessCloud is the most trusted company providing highly safe & secure accounting and tax solutions . Our drake hosting solutions provide assistance to the CPAs, tax professional and accounting professionals for the hassle-free tax preparation and tax filing.

As drake tax application is cloud-based, one can process and use it from anywhere in the world by just being connected through a good internet connection be it through your laptop, desktop, tablet, or even the smart phone.

When it comes to comparing the cost savings, dependability, performance, ease of access, mobility and security, it’s one of the best software you can ever hav

Benefits of drake hosting

Why to opt for Drake Tax Software?

Knows the Material Style and surprise yourself

Filing taxes can prove to be one of the most cumbersome tasks for businesses as there are many things which you need to keep in mind and even a single mistake can put you in legal trouble and financial losses.

But with Drake tax software , filing taxes will become a cakewalk for you as the highly advance software allows you to file taxes in the most precise, accurate and reliable way possible. So with this highly advance software, your tax season will pass like any other season of the month, without any headache and load.

Various features of Drake Software hosting

  • Various State Returns

    User-Friendly tax calculator

    Separate and joint filing

    Trouble free tax preview

    No need to buy any extra module

    47 state packages

    Complete audit support

    Availability of e-filing

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Various features of Drake Software hosting

The benefits brought by HighnessCloud’s Drake hosting service

Being a top-notch cloud provider, we firmly understand the unique requirement of tax application hosting of clients and that’s why we help you to stay ahead and run your business at peak efficiency by migrating your Drake tax software and other valuable files in less time.

Drak Software Security

Enhanced Security

Our SAS70 type II data centers are highly secured with CCTV surveillance, 24/7 monitoring, and even the entry is restricted to authorized people only. So work in a 360-degree secured environment with our hosting services.

Economical solution

Our hosting prices are the cheapest in the market without compromising on the quality of our hosting service. So after opting for our services, your decision of moving to the cloud will turn out to be economical as well.


Our Drake hosting service is one of the most cost-effective hosting services available in the market. So if you opt for our hosting service, then it will fit in like a glove in your budget.

Disaster recovery

We follow a strict routine of daily backup so that in case of any disaster your data can be easily recovered and you will not have to face issues like complete data loss.


You can easily scale up or scale down your hosting requirements as per your need during any time of the hosting service.

Along with the mentioned benefits you will also get 24x7 technical support provided by the skilled network engineers and cloud computing professionals.

With HighnessCloud’s Drake hosting services, you will be able to file taxes with increased

Speed, Accuracy and Precision

Highness Cloud

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