Is Shifting From QuickBooks Desktop To Cloud An Easy Task?

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Quickbooks cloud based hosting

Shifting from the QB desktop to the QuickBooks cloud hosting might look like a very lucrative decision, but many people doubt on the seamless shift and they also consider the fact that it might affect the continuity of their business.

For all those people who are not aware of the cloud technology, this quick and easy shift might look like climbing a mountain with 100 Kg load on your back. But the actuality speaks another side of this movement.

There are many benefits under the umbrella of the cloud accounting solution, but if you will cover yourself with misconceptions like difficulty in shifting, then you will end up isolating yourself from raining advantages.

How is the data shifted?

The data which is stored on your local desktop is shifted on the cloud server and the time taken for the shift depends upon the amount of data you have on your desktop. The larger the data is, the more time it will take for the shift.

If you aren’t holding a large amount of data on your desktop, then it can be easily copy-pasted from your desktop to the server. Transferring the data is one of the most crucial parts of the shifting from desktop to the cloud.

You should be very much concerned about the safety of the data during the process of transfer the reliability of the hosting provider while shifting the data depends upon the security measures adopted by them.

Getting familiar with the cloud

After you have checked that your data has been successfully shifted to the cloud environment, you can be sure about the safety of the data. Double factor authentication, anti-malware, anti-virus, and firewall are some exclusive features of the cloud platform which makes it very safe. A loophole in the security of the hosting provider may become a disaster for you. So always check the certification and security protocols of the cloud provider.

The data centers used by the cloud provider are highly secured and only authorized people are allowed to enter into its premises. These data centers are also located at a disaster prone area in order to minimize the chances of facing a catastrophe.

If you are an accountant, then you can be sure about the security of the hosting provider through the SOC protocols, which is followed by most of the QuickBooks hosting providers.

Always know how to move on

You might have chosen the hosting provider after going through all the analysis, but what if it turns out to be a wrong decision? A costly hosting provider, slow cloud service, worst technical support, no flexibility, these are the causes which indicates that you should take the major step and move out from the grip of a bad hosting provider.

Always check the way out before buying a hosting package. It will help you to move on from the current hosting provider without going through any type of hassle.

Shifting from the desktop to the cloud technology might look like a very tough job, but most of the tough job part of this transition is done by the hosting provider while you sit and wait for the benefits to rain upon your firm.


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