Why professionals admire the hosted QuickBooks service by Highnesscloud?

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The growth of the cloud accounting solution has spawned many firms, allowing them to have the most cutting edge technological marvel in their organization without burning a hole in their pocket. The revolutionizing cloud accounting solution has upgraded the working style of every accountant and SME in so that they can deliver quick, accurate and effective results.

When it comes to choosing a perfect cloud accounting solution, then there is not much effort required as everyone knows that the hosted QuickBooks solution is the best cloud accounting solution for SMEs, accountants, Bookkeepers, and CPAs. But the real dilemma for the user arises when it comes to choosing the best QuickBooks hosting provider.

Upon searching, you will find that there are many QB hosting providers in the market and differentiating between their services is quite a difficult task. And if you will fall for a wrong hosting provider, then the results can be quite devastating.

Whether you are ready or not, soon your business will not be able to survive without the cloud accounting solution and you will have to finally make a decision on the hosting provider. But you should never rush in while choosing a cloud provider because the choice of your cloud provider will directly affect your business

Let’s look at a couple of reasons to why professionals admire the hosted QuickBooks service by Highnesscloud:-

Uncompromising security

The most prime concern expressed by most of the users is the security of their data on the cloud platform. After looking at the large scale cybercrimes affecting some of the biggest companies, security on the cloud platform has become a major concern for cloud movers and cloud users. Most of the people think that if data on a website is not safe then how they can protect their data on the cloud server.

But Highnesscloud understands all such concerns and that’s why we have deployed bank-level security on our cloud server with the help of highly advanced and secured data centers. The main security layers which keep all the hackers away from the data of our clients is data encryption in which the data becomes useless for hackers even after getting their hands on it as it can’t be read without proper authorization. Along with that, we make sure that the security of one user is totally different from the security setting of another user. In addition to this, we have two-factor authentication, anti-virus, anti-malware and round the clock monitoring of data.

Working together becomes easier and more productive

There is no doubt in the fact that collaboration is the key in a workplace and when it comes to a team-effort based operation like accounting then collaboration becomes paramount for the organization. In an accounting process, the files need to be sent back and forth as many people need to work on the same file, but this back and forth sending of the file makes the task difficult for the team as it consumes a lot of time and sometimes it becomes quite difficult as well.

According to the reports published by Chaos Manifesto, 33% of the projects fail because of the lack of involvement from the other members of the team. So whether you are using the old methods of collaboration in your organization or not focusing on collaboration at all, the result will be daunting in both cases.

In the hosted QuickBooks solution provided by highnesscloud, all the data is stored centrally and that allows the accountants and other people involved, to access, work, edit and save the document without any need of sending it back and forth or saving it on their desktop. This system of collaboration through the hosted QuickBooks solution can do wonders for your business and can enhance the collaboration in your accounting department by a mile.

Practical pricing

After the security of their data, the biggest concern for users is the price. Advance and latest technology has always been related to giant businesses as with lots of money in their pocket, they are the first one to get their hands on technological miracles, but that is not the case with the hosted QuickBooks solution offered by Highnesscloud.

At Highnesscloud, we understand the limited budget constraints of the small and medium sized businesses and we have structured our pricing in such a way that it even fits in the watertight budget of SMEs. Upon comparison with other hosted QuickBooks provider, you will come to the conclusion that Highnesscloud offers the most economical price for an enhanced cloud hosting experience. So even if you are a little low on the budget, you can still avail the benefits of hosted QuickBooks solution by choosing Highnesscloud as your cloud partner.

World class support

Another big reason for professionals admiring the hosted QuickBooks solution provided by Highnesscloud is the brilliant customer. Lack of proper customer becomes a major reason for businesses and professionals switching their IT provider as they don’t get their IT issues resolved in time and that leads to delay in the business operations.

We at Highnesscloud understand such issues of the customer and we provide world-class customer support service with our hosted QuickBooks solution through a dedicated team of industry experts who can resolve your issue in the minimal time possible. We provide round the clock customer support to all our clients, so that the time zone or off timings won’t stop our clients from getting benefited through our robust customer care. You can just send a mail, directly call, or click on the chat to get your problem resolved quickly.

The hosted QuickBooks solution provided by Highnesscloud is of world-class and that’s why most of the professionals and even the newbies prefer to go with our hosted QuickBooks service rather than falling prey to a wrong QB on the cloud provider.


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