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Hosted QuickBooks on the cloud

QuickBooks accounting solution can be considered as a benchmark in the field of accounting because it has been performing in the most perfect way from its initial day of launch. Through years of upgradation and improvements, the accounting software has been molded into the most perfect accounting software.

On a worldwide level, there is a tremendous following of the QB accounting software and that’s why many people use it for both professional and personal purposes. And with more innovations in the field of technology, the QB accounting software shifted to the cloud.

The acceptance of cloud throughout the world has helped people to even shift their accounting software on the cloud and get benefited with it. In the US alone, there are almost 70% people who are using the cloud through various platforms. Such a popularity of cloud has resulted in the acceptance of the cloud accounting solution in the financial sector and also in the giant group of SMEs.

Now the hosted QuickBooks is the new era of accounting and it is having all those things which a business or accountant needs to have for managing his books. The benefits of the hosted QuickBooks are very wide and we will try to take a glimpse at those benefits through this article because covering all its benefits is not possible.

Don’t worry about your location while accessing

Many people are worried about going on a vacation because they know that they won’t be able to serve their clients or access their software while sitting on their favorite beach. By making themselves restricted to the premises of their office, just for accessing the software from a local desktop isn’t the right way of living and therefore moving to the hosted QuickBooks is the right choice.

You can access the QB files while enjoying the beer on your favorite beach because cloud is there to make accessibility more flexible. Everything is stored on the cloud and with just the login details and internet connection, you can see your books through your mobile as well.

Speed up your task

Accounting operations need a balanced collaboration from team members because accounting operations need efforts from all ends and what could be better than a multi-user collaboration feature through which allows you to add people on your project and speed up your timing of completing the task.

The multi-user collaboration feature of the hosted QuickBooks allows you to add your multiple employees on the same project and allow them to collaborate on a real-time basis without the need to send the data back and forth. So this feature doesn’t only enhances your speed but also helps you in elevating your collaboration while making management of outsourced employees a pie.

Add-on compatibility

If you are wishing to maintain your business accounting better then you must embrace the feature of the add-on compatibility which is very easy and yet very effective. The hosted QuickBooks comes with a feature of allowing different add-ons to be integrated with it. The list of add-ons is very long and you can choose them according to your need.

The process of integrating these add-ons is very simple as all you have to do is purchase that particular add-on and then give its details to your hosting provider. With the help of add-on integration, you can customize the software according to your industry as different industries have different needs.

Now, let’s take a brief look at what benefits are being offered by HighnessCloud while opting for the fruitful hosted QuickBooks technology.

24/7 free support

The support experts at HighnessCloud are available for solving your problems and answering your queries on a 24/7 basis. You can easily contact us through email, chat, voice call and messages. The response time from our side is very fast and we give the best solution for all your issues through our dedicated team of employees.

Our team of customer support works with passion in order to extend our list of satisfied customers.


With our hosted QuickBooks services, you can go with as many deployments in the cloud as you want. There is no restriction or agreement involved in the purchase of the cloud server and therefore you can even opt out of our services as per your wish. But we guarantee you that once you become our client, after that you will never wish to leave.

Fully featured QB desktop

If you have used the QB online then you must have noticed that there are many features which are missing in the online version of the QB when compared to its desktop version. This limitation frustrates a lot of people as they want a fully featured QB desktop as they are comfortable with that only.

But with the hosted QuickBooks, you will get the mirror image of your desktop software and you will find no hindrance in dealing with it on the cloud. The interface of the cloud hosted version is similar to the desktop version and therefore you feel comfortable even after switching to the cloud.

Data Backup

We also offer the opportunity to protect your data through our regular and automated data backup plan under which we backup your data on fortnightly basis and this also acts as a solid disaster recovery plan for your business.

With our strict and regular data backup plan, all your worries of losing your data will be gone as even after facing a disaster, you will be able to recover your data quickly and resume your business.

QuickBooks hosting is the best accounting solution which offers a wide range of benefits and after pairing the hosted services from Highnesscloud with QB, you will get the most powerful and secured solution for carrying on with your accounting operations. So don’t rely on the traditional accounting techniques as it is time to embrace the cloud and make the most from the cloud hosting solutions like QuickBooks hosting.


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