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QuickBooks hosting which is also known as QuickBooks cloud hosting or hosted QuickBooks, means the installation of the desktop version of QuickBooks on the cloud server over the internet which can be accessed through any web browser and from any location. Talking in laymen terms, all the data stored in the hosted QuickBooks can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime and through any device.
Intuit is the company behind the robust QuickBooks accounting software which is used by more than 3.7 million users all around the world. The highly advanced and robust accounting software was launched by Intuit to allow small and medium-size businesses, accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers to manage their accounts efficiently.
With the advancement in technology, the desktop version of the software became available on the cloud which is known as QuickBooks hosting. So by hosting your software on the cloud, you get all the functions and tools of the desktop version plus the added benefit of cloud computing like anywhere, anytime access, enhanced security, high uptime, etc.

So, first of all, let’s look at how QuickBooks hosting works

  • First of all, the license copies of the software are installed on the cloud server of the service provider which you have chosen.
  • Then the QB user is provided given access to the server on the internet with particular configurations. 
  • Proper security measures are implemented to ensure that your data is completely safe in the cloud environment
  • An RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is used to establish the connection between the end user and the cloud server. 
  • The server is customized so that it can be accessed from any device such as laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile and from operating system such as Windows, iOS, Mac, etc.
  • The user can access the software and its data from any web browser and all the functions and accounting tools remains similar to QB desktop.
  • The changes are saved automatically on the hosted QB and the authorized user can easily view the changes.

What are the advantages of choosing QuickBooks hosting over its desktop version? 

Anywhere, anytime access- One of the main advantages of the hosted version is the flexible accessibility. With the power of cloud, you can access your QB data from anywhere and at any time. Such flexibility in accessing your software comes in handy when you are on the go or relaxing on the beaches during your vacation.  

Enhanced security- Security of your financial data is very much important and if you think that your local hard disk the safest place for your financial data then are on the wrong path. 
The cloud environment is highly secured and cases of cyber-attack and data breach is almost near to zero. So with your software in cloud, you can have peace of mind and work without worrying about any type of threats. 

High uptime- The cloud solutions also offers you a high uptime which is very much necessary in the vastly competitive era. Most of the hosting providers offer 99.9% of high uptime and that’s why you never face downtime with the cloud.

Multi-user collaboration- Another unique feature of QuickBooks hosting is the multi-user collaboration. It allows multiple users to access the same company file at the same time. Every user gets real-time updates on the changes made on the company file and thus with this team effort, your productivity also increases. 

No device restriction- You can access the company files from any device whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile or any other gadget which has internet accessibility. So, no more restriction of accessing your important files and folders from your office desktop only.

Other benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting

  • Economical
  • Routine Backup
  • Better add-on integration
  • High scalability 
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Reduced IT hassle

Versions and editions of QuickBooks which can be hosted 

Most of the renowned and popular QuickBooks hosting providers offer QuickBooks hosting solution for all the versions including Pro, Premier and Enterprise and for all the edition of QB, ranging from 2003 to 2018.

Choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider

There are numerous QuickBooks hosting providers in the market and choosing the most appropriate hosting provider for your business can prove to be tricky. But there are some basic parameters on which you can judge whether a cloud provider is good or not. So let’s go through those basic parameters of analyzing a cloud provider.

Price- Always look for the price offered by different cloud providers as different hosting providers offer different hosting prices. You should choose the most economical hosting provider without compromising on the quality of cloud hosting.

Security- Another important aspect to look for is the level of security offered by the cloud provider as the safety of your financial data is very much important. Go through the data center and security measures followed by the cloud provider and then make your decision.

Regular Backup - A good hosting provider should offer you routine backup because in cases of disaster, routine backup plays an important role in recovering your important financial data and saving you from complete data loss. 

Reviews and Rating- Never forget to check the reviews and rating given by the clients of the hosting provider. It will give you a better picture of the quality of service offered by your provider. You can look for the reviews and ratings of the hosting provider on various websites and blogs.

Round the clock support- This is another important aspect to look for in any hosting provider. You can avail the benefit of no IT hassle in the cloud service, only if your hosting providers offer round the clock customer support through a dedicated team of experts who are well-versed in providing quick and smart solutions to all your hosting problems and issues. 
So, if you want to grow in this era of high competition then adoption of technology can play a key role on your roadmap of success and what could be a better step towards adopting the advance technology than QuickBooks hosting.

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