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QuickBooks is surely the most popular accounting software all over the world and its popularity is increasing every day. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional; QuickBooks will always be the best accounting software for each and every type of need.  Every year, a new version of QuickBooks is launched in the market with various improvements and up gradations. Currently, people were using the latest QuickBooks 2019 which was the most powerful accounting software of the modern day era but now the QuickBooks 2020 has been launched in the market.  

The new QuickBooks 2020 is currently not available as an update for normal users and only limited to bookkeepers and Pro advisors. So, let’s go through some of the improvements and up gradation of the new QB 2020.

First of all, let’s go through the new features of QB 2020

Scheduled Customer Payment Reminder

This new feature of QB 2020 will allow users to schedule the task of reminding customers of open accounts receivable balance. Small businesses always try to get paid on time and this new feature will help them with it. The daunting task of manually following users will be eliminated and users can compose a reminder email template, make customer specific mailing lists, schedule an email distribution for a specific list of customer and even track reminder emails that are sent separately.  This new feature will be available from Menu Bar>Customers>Payment Reminders.

Add customer PO number to subject line in emails

Now the user can easily add the Purchase Order in the subject line of the email by modifying the email template. So, whenever a customer will receive an email, he can easily see the purchase order attached in the subject line with it. This will facilitate the quicker payment as the purchase order number lookup process will now be simplified. One can access it from Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > Company Preference.  This is one of the most demanding features which users were requesting from a very long time. It will be available in all the three versions of QuickBooks.

Combine multiple emails for a single customer

This added feature in the QB 2020 will give users an option in the Send Forms for combining multiple invoice emails for the same customer. This amazing feature will ease the processing of payment from customer’s end as multiple invoice emails will be consolidated into a single email. Now you don’t need to download individual invoices and then go through the cumbersome process of manually attaching them to a single email. This new feature will be available from Send Forms in the File option of Menu Bar. In order to choose this option, the user will have to choose the box “Combine forms to a recipient in one email”.

Horizontally collapse columns in job or class reports

This is another most demanded future which has now been added to the new QB 2020. This feature will allow users to hide and unhide multiple columns of data in a displayed QuickBooks report with multiple columns. Now the user will not need to export lengthy reports to excel in order to customize the columns as it can be done right from QB only. In order to use this feature, the user will have to the Collapse Column button from the top right of displayed multi-column report. This will be a very helpful feature in the new edition.

Now, let’s look at some improved features of the new QB 2020

Smart Help

The Help content is now improved and made better to assist the user. This will help in improving the overall search experience. The new Help content will take the users directly to the community content and along with this, users will also be able to make a request for live agent call back but this feature will be available in the Enterprise version only. You can press F1 with an open QB file and you will reach the new Help content.

Seamless version upgrade

Now the process of upgrading the version has been simplified which will be a big relief for the users.  This improved feature will make sure that the user has minimum interruption in its workflow.  Users will have a persistent menu access point. Just go to Help and choose the Upgrade QuickBooks option.

Company file search

The newly added company file search option in the No Company Open window will make it easier for you to easily find and open your company file. Even with multiple connected storage devices, user can effectively search for company file. This feature will be available from the No Company Open window.

All these new features will make QB 2020 the most powerful accounting software of the modern day era.  The date of release for QB 2020 hasn’t been announced yet but it is being expected that the new version will become available for normal users somewhere between 20th to 27th September. The new version is currently in the testing stage. Many people, business owners and professionals were waiting for the new version to arrive from so long and it looks like the improved and added feature will compensate for the wait.

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