Why multi-user feature of hosted QuickBooks is paramount for CPAs?

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CPAs always have a lot on their plate and therefore they can never compromise on the solution which they choose for their accounting operations. They have to deal with the specific needs of every client while making sure that the numbers are always accurate.

There are many solutions in the market which CPAs can choose for their business but the most preferred accounting solution on the cloud which is admired by the majority of CPAs is hosted QuickBooks and that’s because it offers a seamless and powerful multi-user feature.

The multi-user features is like a magic wand for CPAs because without it, their workload will increase by 200% and they will also start losing the accuracy, quality and collaboration of their work.

In this blog post, we will try to answer the most debatable question ‘Why multi-use feature of hosted QuickBooks is paramount for CPAs?’

Effective collaboration

Most of the small scale CPA firms don’t have a large physical office where they can employee many accountants. Such small scale firms CPAs start their career with a single room and a single laptop. In such cases, collaboration becomes questionable but not with the hosted QuickBooks solution as with the help of this solution, the small scale CPAs can easily collaborate with their distant accountants without making them all sit under one roof.

The multi-user collaboration allows distant employees to work on the same file at the same time and that too in real time. So even while sitting at different corners of the world, everyone will be able to work at its peak efficiency and give better result through effective and real-time collaboration.

Easy to manage clients

One of the biggest obstacle in dealing with multiple clients as a CPA is to manage their books with the traditional method of accounting. The old and traditional method of accounting increased the workload as CPAs have to visit every client’s office in order to access their books. This is a practical solution with only two or three clients but with the growth of your firm, your list of clients also increases and that’s where the real trouble starts.

But with the help of the multi-user feature of the hosted QuickBooks solution, CPAs won’t have to visit everyone’s office as they can sit in their own office and have the access to everyone’s book on their laptop. The cloud allows the ease of accessibility through which the user can access the books from anywhere and at anytime.

Better control

CPAs deal with the most sensitive data of their client and that’s why they need to have total control on such sensitive data. As and admin of the hosted QuickBooks solution, the CPA can easily restrict the other accountants form accessing certain parts of the hosted QuickBooks solution which will ensure the safety of the data while having full control on the cloud platform.

The multi-user feature of the Hosted QuickBooks is very necessary for accountants as along with giving them the control on data, it allows them to collaborate and work effectively.

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