Why add-ons are necessary for QuickBooks hosting users?

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With the growth of the accounting firms, the need of accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, and SMEs also rose. Now the need of clients has also evolved and the meaning of accounting services has become much more than just bookkeeping. Nowadays, clients need their accountant to take major decisions and be more participative in the different operations of the business.

With so much of evolution of the accounting industry, the need of a powerful accounting solution also came into picture and that’s when the QuickBooks became a big hit among different users as it fulfilled the versatile accounting need of different users.

The QuickBooks hosting solution became a much bigger hit than the desktop installed QB or QB in-house server as the QB on the cloud gave more freedom to the users in a very limited budget.  The QuickBooks accounting software comes in different versions and editions and therefore, it was able to capture different markets and make the complex accounting operations easy.

But still there are many different accounting needs which can’t be fulfilled by the QuickBooks hosting solution alone and that’s where the add-ons come into play.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are simply a third party application which can be easily integrated with the primary software. Like in the case of QuickBooks hosting, there are multiple add-ons available in the market which when integrated with QuickBooks hosting solution, gives better results. There is no issue of performance after integrating the add-on with the primary software as the primary software is designed in such a way that it supports integration seamlessly.

What are the different types of add-ons for QuickBooks hosting?

Here is the list of the different types of add-ons which can be easily integrated with QuickBooks hosting:-

  • AccTivate- An advance and versatile inventory management add-on
  • SmartVault- Performs the simple task of storing document but does that pretty well
  • BillQuick- Easy bill filing and data entry
  • Adobe Business catalyst- A product from OneSaaS that can easily sync the data with QuickBooks hosting
  • Fishbowl inventory- It is a tailor-made software can easily handle manufacturing and warehouse department
  • Transaction Pro importer – This add-on does the simple task of converting different files into QB
  • SpringAhead- With the help of SpringAhead you can automate the tracking of bills, sales, reimbursement, etc.

Does adding multiple add-ons affect the performance of the QuickBooks hosting solution?

It is one of the biggest myths related to add-on integration and QuickBooks hosting. Similar to the QuickBooks desktop version, the QuickBooks hosting is also compatible with the add-on integration and even with multiple add-on integration, the performance of the accounting solution on the cloud won’t be affected.

Why add-on integration for QuickBooks hosting users is necessary?

Enhances performance and streamlines customization

The QuickBooks hosting solution comes with many different accounting features which are a perfect fit for versatile accounting needs. But the accounting industry is very complex and therefore even with the most versatile accounting software solution by your side, you will still need further customization in specific cases.

With the help of different add-ons, you will be able to easily customize your accounting software and make it more suitable for the type and size of your business. There are various options of customization as well in the QuickBooks hosting solution but with the help of add-on you can step further in the world of customization and make the accounting solution more suitable for your business.


Automation has become very necessary in most of your business operation as in addition to decreasing your manual workload it makes you more productive as well. The integration of add-on with your QuickBooks hosting solution gives you a cutting edge advantages through the powerful automation as most of the add-on makes your accounting operation automated to a very large extent.

Add-ons like Adobe Business catalyst enable you to send invoices with ease along with the amount collected on the dashboard which analyzes the available data. Such a process nullifies most of your manual workload and thus saves your valuable time which was earlier wasted in data entry and transferring files from one point to another.

Minimizes paperwork

In addition to enhancing your customization, streamlining your productivity and making the accounting solution like QuickBooks hosting more suitable for your business, the add-on also minimizes the paperwork thus making your business eco-friendly. There are lots of paperwork involved in the accounting operation and even after the introduction of QuickBooks hosting in your premise, you are not able to get rid of paperwork completely.

But after integrating the cloud accounting solution with different add-ons, you will be able to nullify the paperwork. Through such effort, you will be able to cut cost which was earlier wasted on the paper and in addition to this, you will also be able to contribute towards keeping our planet green.

If QuickBooks hosting solution is a miracle for users then the add-ons can act as a magic wand. You can consider add-ons as a catalyst which enhances the speed of operation but while being directly involved. There are various add-ons available in the market and you can choose specific add-on as per your need and demand of the business. Integrate QuickBooks hosting solution with add-ons.

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