How QuickBooks hosting provides better protection?

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Data is the soul of any company and thus most of the companies are always very much conservative about its security. Earlier, making your data secured meant taking only physical and local precaution, but with the movement of the data into the digital world, the focus from physical protection of data has shifted to making your data secure in the digital world.

The QuickBooks hosting solution is the most popular and admired accounting solution all over the world. It is economical, scalable and above all, it is highly secured. Many people think that by putting their data on the cloud will make their data vulnerable, but that is not true as proper precautionary measures are adopted on the cloud platform for keeping your data secured. So before divulging that the cloud is not a secure option, have a look at the different security layers implemented on the cloud platform to keep your data secure and safe from all the possible threats.

Multi-factor authentication

The first layer of security which is also the biggest obstacle for hackers is the multi-factor authentication. Earlier, your data could have been compromised if the hackers got your credentials, but the situation has completely changed. Now, if you have multi-factor authentication like in the case of QuickBooks hosting, you will need to enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number even after entering the login credentials. This system keeps the hackers away from logging into your system as they will not be able to enter the OTP in any case.

Encrypted Data

The next layer of security which keeps your data safe from all the possible threat is the encryption. The system of encryption makes your data useless to all the people without proper authorization. In layman’s language, if a hacker is able to sneak to your data, he still won’t be able to read it as it will be in its encrypted form. The only way to read that data is by having the right credentials and authorization which only you will be having. So, encrypted data is a major obstacle for all those depraved people who are looking for loopholes in the security of your data.

Round the clock monitoring

The data centers used by your cloud providers are also highly secured. Entry in such data centers isallowed to only authorize people and the servers are monitored round the clock on both physical and virtual level. This is done to make sure that your data remains secure from all types of threats. In addition to this, the data centers are located in areas which are less likely to go through any type of disaster.

The QuickBooks hosting is an ultimate accounting solution for SMEs and accountants. If you are worried about the security of your data on the cloud then you need to know that the QuickBooks hosting offers bank-level security along with multiple layers of safety so that you can work on the cloud without worrying about any type of data breach of hacking.

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