What makes CPAs choose QuickBooks cloud hosting without a second thought?

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According to the data present on Statista, the total number of internet users who accessed the advanced cloud computing platform increased from 2.4 billion in 2013 to 3.6 billion in 2018. The growth and the popularity of the cloud computing platform lie in its versatile features which has allowed this revolutionary technology to strengthen its hold in the market and become an integral part of every business.

The cloud accounting solution is also a result of the growing cloud technology and till now, it has acted as a blessing for all the users.

The QuickBooks cloud hosting is the favorite choice among users when it comes to cloud accounting solution. With an experience of almost a decade and by meeting the changing consumer’s need, the QuickBooks accounting software has established itself as a benchmark for all other accounting solutions.

There are various editions of the QB software like the Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and all these editions have been designed by keeping the specific needs of the SMEs and accountants in mind. Advance inventory, in-depth report creation, bank reconciliation, easy invoicing, all these features of the QB software cater the daily accounting function of the users while giving them a clear vision of the future plans.

But most of the people prefer to opt for the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution rather than going with the traditional method of installing the software on the cloud and getting limited benefits. Even professionals like CPAs, prefer to go with the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution because it allows them to deliver better service to their clients without much effort. Such practice helps them to create USP for themselves because the current market of CPA is quite cluttered.

So, let’s take a look at a few benefits of the QuickBooks cloud hosting which makes the CPAs choose the QuickBooks cloud hosting without a second thought.

Unrestricted access

Imagine a world where your current location and time won’t matter for accessing your books. Such a world can be built through the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution because the cloud accounting solution brings you the best advantage of this platform which is anywhere, anytime accessibility. So no more sitting for long hours in the office, no more looking at the time for accessing your books, just capitalize on the benefits of the cloud and have your books at your fingertips at any time and through any location.

Limitless users

Another great blessing of the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution is the multi-user accessibility which has become paramount in the current way of business operations. With outsourcing becoming a new normal for most of the business, the need for a robust business solution for managing such employees, and in this case, accountants is very much necessary. The multi-user accessibility lets you add multiple people on the hosted QB without any restriction and with real-time updates.

Ultra-secure platform

There is no reason to fear the brilliant cloud platform like QuickBooks cloud hosting when it comes to the security of your data. Proper encryption at both points; when your data is at rest on the cloud server and when it is in transits, makes sure that your data is safe in each and every condition. There are also several other layers of security like bank-level safety at data centers, multi-factor authentication, and all these make your cloud platform, a 360-degree safe environment.

But you will need to make sure that you are choosing the best QuickBooks hosting provider in the market because the quality of your cloud provider will matter a lot when it comes to keeping your data safe and secure.

Budget friendly pricing

Most of the CPAs who are an infant at the industry don’t have a lavish budget for their business solution as they are in the starting phase of their professions and thus they alwaysneed economical solutions for their business. The QuickBooks cloud hosting is very economical accounting solution even after being the most advanced and used application all over the world. Such feasibility takes off the pressure from the CPAs when it comes to deciding on a solution in limited budget.

No backup hassle

Unlike a normal spreadsheet or word document, the accounting files are pretty difficult to replace and that’s why every CPA should be very much concerned about the creating backup of their client’s sensitive financial data. But everybody knows that CPAs are busy throughout the day and IT department is not their cup of tea.

The QuickBooks cloud hosting solution comes with fortnightly backup created by cloud providers and thus CPAs can have a robust backup plan without putting any efforts in this regard.

Pay as you go

In the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution, you don’t have to pay for all the services and that plays a major role in making this advanced accounting solution affordable for CPAs who have to deal with a limited budget. The QB on cloud works on a pay as you go model which means you will be paying only for those services which you will be using in the cloud instead of paying for the whole platform.

Change as per your wish

In the initial phase of their business, the CPAs might be dealing with a limited amount of clients while focusing on a particular market, but with growth, they will need to enhance their business solutions as well so that they can match the supply with the increasing demand of the service.

The QuickBooks cloud hosting solution gives CPAs the flexibility to scale up or scale down their cloud service at any given point of time without going through the hassle of switching to a different cloud provider.

All the above-mentioned reasons are enough to back up the statement that the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution is the no.1 choice for CPAs from all around the world. With latest technology they also get affordability and pocket-friendly pricing and that’s what makes this accounting solution so popular.

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