What keeps users away from a particular QuickBooks hosting provider?

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The world is moving toward the new age of technology, which is becoming more available. The new age of technology is giving everyone the power to move ahead in their race of competition and wipe out the rusted traditional methods of completing their business operations. Cloud accounting is one such blessing for the accounting industry, which has now become a trending technological solution for businesses and accountants of each size and businesses.

There are various roads which lead you to the cloud accounting solution, but the most preferred one is through hosting. The hosting solution has given chance to small business owners with a limited budget to access the benefits of the cloud without putting in a lot of money. And to be specific, we will be talking only about the QuickBooks hosting solution because among all the other methods of the cloud accounting solution and hosting solution, the QuickBooks hosting is the most popular one.

There is a long list of QuickBooks hosting providers in the market, but there are only a handful of such providers that are picked up by the users and the reason is very clear; features, price, and transparency.

While new players are entering into the QuickBooks hosting industry every day, but you need to put your focus on some of the top features of a cloud hosting provider if you want to grow in the industry. So, let’s take a look at what makes some QuickBooks hosting providers different from others and why there are only a handful of cloud providers picked up by the majority of cloud users.

Careless customer support

One of the most prominent reasons to why the user avoids some particular QuickBooks cloud hosting provider is the dull customer support provided by them. There are many QuickBooks cloud hosting providers in the market and in order to top the chart, you will have to provide excellent customer support so that your user can have a worry-free business solution.

Customer support is paramount for any business and when it comes to an IT solution then it becomes more important. All the IT solution users face trouble at some point of the service and that’s where the customer support service comes in.

The customer support service provided by HIGHNESSCLOUD is very robust and useful. We provide 24/7 customer support through a team of some best IT talents of the industry who are well versed in dealing with each and every type of IT issues. You can contact us through call, chat, or email and we will respond to your queries and problems in the minimum time possible.

The round the clock availability of the customer support team is a must in the QuickBooks cloud hosting industry and without it, your chances of being picked up from the plethora of QB hosting provider is very less.

Security risks

Another major thing which wipes out many QuickBooks hosting providers from the list of users is the security issues. Whether it is a construction company or an eCommerce business, the financial data of any firm is of uttermost importance and no owner wishes to compromise on it.

The year 2018 will be well known for its cyber-attack as the scale of the cyberattacks which took place in 2018 was very large. From Ransomware attacks affecting a large pool of businesses to Facebook data breach which resulted in the breach of 87 million records, the list of and scale of cyberattacks became very long.

That’s why people are now more concerned about the security of their data as now they are aware of the fact that their data on the cloud can also be hacked. This has made people to pay more attention on the security features offered by the cloud hosting provider and the transparency of their work. In the year 2017, the number of data breaches reached to its highest number with nearly 179 million records being exposed in the U.S only.

Taking all the security factors into account, the HIGHNESSCLOUD offers robust security to its user with full transparency of its cloud hosting services. In addition to anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall protection, we have encrypted messages, two-factor authentication, and highly secured data centers as well and that’s why most of the people picking up HIGHNESSCLOUD as their cloud hosting partner don’t have to worry much about the safety of their data.

Unreliable Data centers

Data centers are basically the physical facility which helps in hosting numerous servers. Without a robust data center, the functioning of the cloud platform will become questionable and that’s why in the case of the QuickBooks cloud hosting provider, the data center plays a very major role.

The data center can be owned by the cloud provider or can be owned by a third party provider, but it doesn’t matter who owns the data center until it acts as a secure and always available medium of hosting servers.

There are many hosting providers in the market who don’t have a proper data center and that’s what keeps the customers away from them. One of the most important things which every data center should have is security. Since all the data will be stored on the servers of the data center, it needs to be highly secured.

The second thing which matters the most in the case of the data center is the deployment of redundant infrastructure like cooling system, highly elevated machines, proper power backup, and much more. Without these infrastructures, any data center will not be able to function properly.

If you are a QuickBooks hosting provider, then you need to give the best to the customers. Nowadays, the customers are well informed and they are well aware about the features and the functions of the cloud platform while hosting their QB accounting software. With no transparency, safety at risk, dull customer support and vulnerable data centers, you will not be able to fool the users for long.

So, bring the uniqueness in your hosting services, be transparent and provide all the feature which a QuickBooks hosting user needs so that any potential customer won’t skip your firm’s hosting services that easily.


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