Hosted QuickBooks and the ease of accounting reports

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The best part about the hosted QuickBooks is that it gives the accountants and bookkeepers an extra hand in their work through which they are able to do their bookkeeping tasks and other accounting operations with ease.

The QB software itself is a treasure of all the accounting functions which one could imagine, but these accounting functions are so smartly programed by the developers that it offers both the ease of using and the required professionalism. So if a professional like a CPA is using the software then he will find it a perfect match for him because he will get access to various advanced accounting functions and if a newbie is using the software then he will find it immensely easy to use the various user-friendly software solutions.

But the QB doesn’t stop at just its own software feature as after getting integrated with the cloud platform, it transforms into the most powerful accounting solution. The vast accounting features and user-friendly functions of the QB are boosted with the benefits of the cloud computing solution and that’s what makes it perfect for every business, regardless of their size and type of industry. With such a great solution by your side, you will be sure, ahead of the competitors who are still planning to move to the cloud and such a massive competitive edge in the industry will push you forward in the race.

But among the various functionalities of the Hosted QuickBooks solution, the one thing which makes it totally unique is the ease of generating accounting reports which are paramount for any business or accountant. So let’s witness the miracle of easy accounting report generation with the help of Hosted QuickBooks.

Pliable reporting

The traditional method of accounting puts various limitations and boundaries on the report generation and that’s why most of the people choose hosted QuickBooks without any second thought. The Hosted QuickBooks solution gives users the free will to work in addition to a pliable report generation environment. With the help of a flexible and easy report generation functionality, the users are able to get important data, analyze them quickly and take major decisions in much lesser time. Earlier, such a process took hell lot of time, but now because of the hosted QuickBooks solution, it is just a matter of an hour.

Along with the pliable reporting solution, the Hosted QuickBooks makes the report generation very easy for even a no voice because everything related to the IT of the cloud accounting solution is handled by the cloud hosting provider.

Tailor-made reports

Having the power of customization is a very big thing in the current era because it lets you use the options in the way you want and the hosted QuickBooks gives you a similar type of tailor-made solution for your accounting reports as well.

With the help of the hosted QuickBooks solution, you can customize the report as per your wish. Earlier, there was only one format of the report and that was not suitable for every type of analysis, industry, and business. But the hosted QuickBooks helps you get tailor-made reports which are not only suitable for your specified needs but is also very much easy to read. If you are an authorized user of the hosted QuickBooks solution then you will have access to the backup data. Through this access, you will just have to click on the Get Report button and you will get your customized report instantly without any manual input and that too with 100% accuracy. You can even share the same report with other people working on the books without forcing them to download the reports as everything in the cloud happens in real-time even for multiple users.

Mass printing

Earlier, if you were in sheer need of printing invoices or sending bulk emails, then you needed to be present infront of the office desktop in which the QB accounting software has been installed. But with the power of the cloud technology and the QB accounting software, you can print invoices in mass and send emails in bulk from any location. But the benefits aren’t over yet, because not only you but all the people to whom you have given authorization of the accounting software will have similar power.

You will just have to open your hosted QuickBooks through any device with internet access and then give the command of printing, that’s it.  So in addition to getting real-time updates to the changes made on the cloud platform, you will also be able to print invoices from any location. If you wish to print the invoices randomly, then you can do the same as the software comes with a random printing option through which you can print the selected invoices from the list only.

Regular backup

Last but not the least, regular backup of your accounting reports are maintained by your cloud hosting provider and that allows you to never lose your data. Along with that, the hosted QuickBooks is installed by the cloud provider in a comprehensive manner and it allows the user to take backup of his reports in different formats like XLS, PDF, and RTF. So you can choose the format in which you want to work with and even create a backup of those reports in your desired format.

The hosted QuickBooks solution makes generation of accounting reports very easy as with the various features of the accounting and with the power of the modern day technology like cloud computing, dealing with accounting reports becomes easy, accurate, precise, productive and secure.

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