Why QuickBooks hosting is admired by CPAs?

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The industry of CPAs has evolved a lot. Nowadays, if you want to succeed in the world of accounting then you need to be at the top of your accounting service. Everything in the accounting industry has changed now as now clients don’t only look for CPAs who are expert at books only but they need an ultimate partner in their finances who can do much more than just simple bookkeeping.

With a neck-wrenching competition and evolving demands from the clients, the CPAs need to adopt a solution which can perfectly fit into the need of the industry according to the current trend and demand and there is only one accounting solution which can fulfill all the needs of CPAs without burning a hole in their pocket and that is QuickBooks hosting.

The QuickBooks hosting solution is perfect for each and every type of professional and at the same time, it is suitable for new users as well because along with providing highly effective accounting tools, the QuickBooks hosting solution also offers user-friendly interface.

So, let’s directly jump on to some advantages of the QuickBooks hosting solution and understand why it is admired by CPAs all around the world.

Reduction in cost

Doesn’t matter what is the size of the business or in which industry it is dealing in, cost-cutting is always the main priority of most of the business and especially if it is a new entry in the industry. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses have to manage multiple things on a watertight budget and that’s what restricts them from choosing any solution for their business but the QuickBooks hosting solution is the best accounting solution which can easily fit in even a budget constraint.

The cost of hosting QB on the cloud is very minimal and if you are able to find an economical yet trustworthy QB hosting provider in the market then you will be able to get your QB hosted on the cloud in less than $30 per month per user. That’s a great deal for any user as in comparison to the number of benefits offered by the solution, the price is quite less.

Anywhere, anytime access

No company wishes to decrease its productivity because of it’s inability to manage outsourced employees, illness, traveling and the same goes for the CPAs. There are many CPA firms who don’t have multi-story buildings and most of its employees work from a distant location and that’s why the CPAs need a solution which can give them maximum flexibility while accessing the books otherwise the productivity of the CPA firm will be affected by a great extent.

The QuickBooks hosting is one such solution which gives the right accessibility to the users as the books on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Such a robust and flexible accessibility gives a competitive advantage to the users as other competitors who are still planning to opt for cloud will be left behind in the race of competition. So whether your employees are ill, traveling or working from home, they all can be managed very easily and they all will be able to give their 100% with the global accessibility of QuickBooks hosting.

Robust disaster recovery

It doesn’t matter what is the size of your business, you should always invest in a robust and comprehensive disaster recovery system. But all the ideal things aren’t that much easy to implement and the SMBs find it very difficult to invest in a robust disaster recovery system like in the case of CPAs. CPAs have to deal with the most sensitive data of a company and therefore, they need to be extra cautious with their disaster recovery system otherwise even a minor loophole can wipe out the soul of the client’s company that is the financial data.

With the power of the QuickBooks hosting, disaster recovery becomes a pie as the user don’t need to do anything regarding the disaster recovery because of the services provided by the hosting provider. Most of the best QuickBooks hosting provider offer fortnightly backup of the client’s data at different location so that in case of any type of catastrophe, the data can be easily recovered without wasting time. This acts as a big bonus for the user as without putting much effort and money, they get a robust disaster recovery system which makes them prepared for dealing with any type of disaster, whether it is man-made or natural.

Streamlined collaboration

When different accountants of your CPA firm are able to access the data from anywhere and at any time then their collaboration is enhanced automatically. But the one feature which enhances the collaboration further by a mile is multi-user accessibility. This advanced feature of the QuickBooks hosting solution allows the admin to add many people to his books so that they all can work in real time without compromising on the security of the financial data.

With the help of the multi-user access, the user doesn’t need to download or upload the files as everything is already available on the cloud. Such a powerful feature become very much necessary in today’s era where collaboration is a key factor in the success of most of the firms, whether is a CPA firm or a bookkeeping firm.

The QuickBooks hosting solution is used by CPAs from all over the world because of its economical pricing, the type of ease it offers and the type of accounting features it comes with. The QuickBooks hosting solution will keep on dominating the accounting industry for a long time as there is no other player which can match the quality of accounting features and power of cloud offered by QB hosting.

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