Debunking the Top Myths About Cloud Computing

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The fruitful technology of cloud computing which completely transformed the world is not in its baby stage anymore. The highly effective and advanced technology grew in the past decade and even after becoming a new normal for businesses all around the world, it is still surrounded by many myths which restrict people from growing by utilizing the concept of cloud computing.

Many firms are now adopting the cloud computing in their different business functions and getting benefits from it, like the very effective cloud accounting solution QuickBooks hosting. In addition to providing a bunch of benefits, the highly advanced technology gives businesses a competitive edge in their industry as well.

But if you are among those people who still are wearing the hats of myth for cloud computing then you should know that you are missing out on a very big opportunity. And that’s why, in this blog post, we will be debunking the top myths which are restricting yourself from moving towards the cloud.

1. Cloud computing is all about saving money

Many people think that cloud computing is all about saving money but that’s not true. Although cloud computing helps you in cost-cutting, it has other major implementations as well. According to the Gartner’s 2014 CIO survey, cost-cutting accounts for only 14% of the reasons for adopting the cloud computing technology.

2. Cloud computing is not safe

With the increasing number of cyber-attacks and data breaches, most of the people think cloud platform is not a safe environment to work and store their important financial data through accounting solutions like QuickBooks hosting. But you should know that the data saved on your local hard disk is much more vulnerable than the cloud. There are various security layers on the cloud platform which allows you to work in peace without worrying about the security and safety of your data.

3. Cloud migration is a complicated process

One of the main reasons to why people put the adoption of cloud in their to-do list for a long period of time is they think that the cloud migration process is very complicated and will disrupt the seamless working of their business but that’s not true. If, you choose a good hosting provider then the process of cloud migration can be completed very easily.

4. Understanding cloud is difficult

Another misconception which restricts people from adopting the cloud technology is that they think they need to be an IT expert for understanding the cloud technology but the actuality is totally different. Cloud computing is very easy to understand and even with a little bit of information and you can easily use and implement cloud computing in your business.

5. Losing control after adopting cloud

Losing control over the data and financial functioning of the company is another myth which stands between many businesses and cloud computing. But the truth is just opposite of it. After opting for the cloud hosting solutions, you get better control over your data and software. In addition to this, you can have better and in-depth look into your financial data and functioning.

So, if you are running a small business and the above-mentioned myths are restricting you from adopting the fruitful cloud computing technology then you need to move on and like the rest of the world, make cloud computing a new normal for your business.

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