How Cloud Became Such A Powerful Business Solution?

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Out of the various technological innovations which humans have witnessed in the recent era, we can say that the cloud computing is one of the most precious ones.  We are not saying this just because cloud computing is very beneficial but we are saying this because the cloud computing solution has a wide range of implementations.

But the cloud computing which we know today took several years to shape into a useful and more available form.  With being considered as a costly business solution it has become a household name among small and medium-sized businesses.  Cloud has contributed towards the enhancement of social media sites, storage options, app development platform, back facility, disaster recovery plans, and many more things.

The firms welcomed the evolving and growing cloud computing solution like their own and slowly they started witnessing the growth in their firm by choosing cloud computing as a vital partner in their businesses. At first, it was the giant players of the industry who took the risk of choosing such an advance and costly business solution but it became a plethora of benefits, the cloud opened its door to small and medium-sized businesses as well.

What earlier was an out of reach business solution now become a new normal for small businesses. Now there was no need to install costly IT infrastructure in the premise and then manage and hire an IT team for it. With the penetration of the cloud computing in the niche markets, people were able to store their data on cloud for free, people were able to host their software on the cloud at a very nominal cost, people were now capable of choosing cloud as their ultimate app development platform and promote it as a robust disaster recovery plan.

Now let’s understand the powerful and economical option of cloud computing through an example of one of the most popular cloud computing uses, which is QuickBooks Cloud hosting.

QuickBooks is an accounting software which is very popular among SMEs and accountants. And this software has the ability to be hosted on the cloud.  The robust accounting software has been specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses and therefore it has all the accounting tools which most of the SMEs need.

Now after purchasing the license of the software, the user has to search for the best and cheapest QuickBooks hosting provider.  Most of the hosting providers offer a wide range of benefits at a very economical price.

After choosing  the hosting provider, the 3rd party migrates the desktop installed software to their cloud server and allow the user to avail the following benefits:-

  • Anywhere, anytime access

  • Bank –level security

  • Robust backup plan

  • Disaster recovery

  • Economical solution

  • Scalability

  • Flexibility

  • Round the clock customer support

  • High uptime

And all these benefits can be availed in less than $30, isn’t that great?

When we move to the history of the cloud then we can see its traces way back in 1950, when different users were allowed to access a central computer with the help of dumb terminals. But the cost of the maintenance of the mainframe computer was very high at that time and it was not possible for any organization to maintain such a computer for each and every employee.

But soon the solution of providing shared access to a single resource made this solution a practical business option. The big turn in the evolution of the cloud computing history came with the introduction of the idea of Virtual Machines through which people were able to execute one or more operating system in an isolated environment.  

The shared access mainframe of the 1950 era was promoted to a next level with the help of the Virtual Machines. The concept of virtualization played a major role in shaping the cloud computing and evolving communication and information.

After the era of mainframe and virtual machines, the telecommunication companies started offering virtual private networks which provided the same service as the previous solution but at a much lower cost.  Now, there was no need to build physical infrastructure as the telecommunication companies allowed users with shared access to the same physical infrastructure.

All these eras of mainframe, VMs and telecommunication revolution steered the success and evolution of the cloud computing and now everybody uses the cloud computing in their daily life in or another way.

The businesses are making the cloud computing as an important and fruitful part of the business and we can see the trend of using cloud computing from the data which reveals that more than 80% of the small businesses in US uses the fruitful cloud computing in one way or another.

The companies which were earlier frightened of adopting the cloud solution are now claiming that the survival of a business in this tough and competitive market is not possible without making the most of the technological wonders like cloud computing.

So, if you are running a small business and still tangled in the old methods of storing data, using software and making backups then the chances of your business speeding up in the race of competition is very less. Adopt the cloud computing as early as possible because when you will analyze your competitors after some days, you might find them all using the beneficial cloud computing technology

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