The 3 Unavoidable Benefits Of QuickBooks Premier Hosting

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QuickBooks basically comes in three different versions which are Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. But out of these three versions, the most preferred one is the QuickBooks Premier because it offers appropriate functions and tools for SMEs which are not less like Pro and which are not more like Enterprise.

QB has another great capability which allows it to be hosted on cloud as well. The benefits of the QuickBooks Premier hosting are far better than that of QB desktop and therefore most of the people go for the cloud-hosted QB rather than installing it on their office desktop and then being restricted because of its limitations.

We have mentioned 3 unavoidable benefits of QuickBooks Premier hosting which makes this accounting solution a perfect choice.

More safety

Whether you are a small business owner or a giant player in the industry, the importance of financial data is the same for all. If any business loses its financial data, then it can result in a catastrophe. But if you have chosen QuickBooks Premier hosting solutions then you don’t have to worry about the security of your financial data as even the smartest hackers will find it difficult to breach into your cloud-hosted data. The cloud is a 360-degree secure platform and penetrating its multiple security layers is almost near to impossible. The cloud platform has encrypted data, double authentication process, anti-virus system and many other security features.

More Power

If you like to have things under your control, then QuickBooks Premier hosting is the right choice for you. Being an admin, you can add multiple users to your software and allow them to work with enhanced collaboration and real-time updates. But the real power comes to you when you need to restrict those users to certain areas of the software. There might be a particular data in the software which you don’t wish to share and you can easily make it inaccessible for other users by using the power of admin. So bring this power into use and keep your important data accessible to yourself only.

More accessible

Limited accessibility of the QB desktop can be sometimes frustrating as you might not be always sitting inside your office premise for giving the best accounting service to your clients. But the QuickBooks Premier hosting gives you the power to carry your office within your pocket.

With the power of the cloud, you can access the QB files from anywhere in the world, at any given time and through any device. So even if are on the go, you can just take out your mobile, enter your login details and have the whole QB software and its data right on your mobile screen. This is a great advantage of the cloud computing technology as having access to work from anywhere makes you more available for your clients.

The benefits mentioned in this article are just a glimpse of QuickBooks hosting as you will always get more than your expectation in case of hosted QuickBooks.


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