How To Mitigate Cloud Computing Threats And Risks?

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After looking at the current cloud computing trend, it is crystal clear that this advanced technology is meant here to stay for a very long period of time. This fruitful technology is extending its implementation in business functions and that’s how it is dominating the technological trend along with other useful technologies such as AI and machine learning.

Earlier, people used to implement the cloud computing technology in their non-core functions of the businesses only, but with the increasing trust and growing popularity of this technology, companies are now using cloud computing for even their core functions like ERP as well.

With so much buzz in the cloud computing world, the users should always keep an eye on eliminating the risk factors associated with the cloud.

Here is a look at what steps you can take in order to mitigate the cloud computing threats and risks.

Measuring your flexibility with risk-taking ability

Your appetite for risk plays a major role in deciding whether you will suffer due to the cloud computing threats or make your way out of it. It is true that you can opt for cloud computing services only according to your budget, but if your appetite for risk is more than average, then in the rush of saving money, you might make your data on the cloud more vulnerable. For example, you may opt for Tier 1 cloud services, but you need to minimize the risk by having a dedicated relationship management, regular check, and regular updates.

Learn from recent attacks

Always take time to read the IT news and by researching the recent attacks on the cloud like the recent ransomware attack, you can adopt preventive measures to tackle even the latest security threats. These global attacks give you an idea of how the hackers and other evil-minded people are using the cloud computing platform in order to steal the data or ask for ransom money in return of the data. It will not only keep you updated but will also allow you to be safe from the latest threats.

Go for auditing your cloud supplier

One of the most trending topics in the cloud world is the flexibility of auditing your cloud supplier. You need to look at the fine prints in your contract and then analyze that whether you have been granted this provision or not. If there is no such provision, then you might find your hands tied when you face a catastrophe. You must have access to the cloud provider’s audit documentation. Through this, you can take a look at their updates and all other factors which directly affects your cloud computing security risks.

Implement zero trust model

The zero trust model is a very useful model for businesses who are looking forward to mitigating the risk factor in their company. This model demands verification of every user and device before being allowed in the office premises. By implementing such a useful model, you will be able to minimize the risks associated with cloud to almost zero. It can be implemented in the cloud by assuring watertight access and checking every individual who have access to the cloud.


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