The Different Types Of Cloud Computing Platform

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Benefits of cloud computing services

Cloud computing has revolutionized the world and restructured the way of working for all the businesses. Now, with the help of cloud, businesses are able to access their data from anywhere, at any time and through any device. With storage solutions like Google Drive, cloud computing has now become a part of our daily life.

But even with so much of popularity and uses, still many people have many misconceptions about the cloud technology and if you want to make the most from the fruitful technology then you should have at least the basic understanding of it.

Therefore, to make cloud computing more familiar to you, in this article, we will be talking about the different types of cloud computing platform.

The cloud computing platform has been divided into the following three categories:-

  1. Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service)
  2. Paas (Platform as a Service)
  3. Saas (Software as a Service)

So let’s go through the above-mentioned cloud computing platforms one by one.

Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) - This is the first form of cloud computing which is used for internet-based access for storage and computing power. This is one the most basic forms of cloud computing which allows you to rent IT Infrastructures like storage, networks, operating systems and virtual machines. The Iaas platform works on the pay as you go basis.  Some of the most common examples of companies providing this service are Amazon, Rackspace, Flexiscale, etc. The cost spent by the cloud service user depends on the number of activity on cloud and that’s why there is no fixed price for the Iaas platform. The user of the Iaas platform can install his own operating system, software, and application.

Paas (Platform as a Service) – This second type of cloud computing platform gives developers the tool to build and host web applications. The highly advanced and robust platform has been specially designed to give users the access to the tools which they need in order to develop and build web and mobile applications on the internet. With the help of Paas, developers will not have to worry about the management of a different infrastructure of servers like storage, network, database, etc. This platform gives you a lot of flexibility at the minimum cost. The flexibility comes because of its cloud-based working.

Saas (Software as a Service) - The third type of cloud allows users to connect and use cloud- based app over the internet, like email, calendar, office tools, etc. In Saas, you purchase a complete software solution from a cloud hosting provider on a pay as you go basis. You rent the use of an app for your organization and the software solution is generally accessed through a web browser. All the apps and data are located in the data center of the service provider. These data centers are highly secured and even the cloud hosting provider maintains security standards on both virtual and physical level.

So, before making the decision of moving to cloud, it is very much necessary to go through the different types of cloud platforms so that you can choose the best one for you.

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