Breaking the limitations with QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting solution

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Hosted QuickBooks on the cloud

Most of the businesses are completely dependent upon their sales and marketing in order to generate revenue and for fueling the growth. It’s true that you need to pay attention to your marketing, sales, and HR for boosting your business but it doesn’t mean that you should start overlooking the most important aspect of a business; accounting. There have been many examples of business failing just because they were not able to properly maintain their accounting. Well, working with experienced and skilled accountants is just half the journey of achieving excellence in accounting as the other half of the journey requires using the most advanced and feature-rich accounting software; QuickBooks hosting.

Developed and marketed by Intuit, the feature-rich accounting software QuickBooks is currently available in three different versions; Enterprise, Premier and Pro. Well, all these three versions have their own application in businesses of different size and they all can be hosted on the cloud platform. Nowadays, most of the businesses are using the QB accounting software on cloud rather than using it by installing it on their desktop. There are basically three options of using QB on the cloud; in-house server, QBO, and QuickBooks hosting but the most famous one and used one is QB hosting.

In order to use QuickBooks hosting, you have to choose a QB hosting provider and then the cloud vendor will shift your accounting software on its public cloud server and you will start using the software on the cloud. There are many advantages that come along with QuickBooks on the cloud and in this blog post, we are going to look at some of the limitations that are broken by hosted QuickBooks in a detailed manner.

Breaking the limitation of the number of users

If you will be using your legacy accounting solution in the traditional way then you and your business will always be bound to the limitation of the number of users working on the project. You should know that accounting has been the field of team work. There is no denial in the fact that if you are at the start of your business then you can manage your accounts with just a single accountant but with the growth of your business, you will need to add multiple people on your books and that is not possible with desktop installed QuickBooks solution.

If you will start using the hosted QuickBooks then you will break this big limitation of the number of users. You should know that the cloud accounting solution comes with the unique feature of multi-user access. This unique feature allows you to add multiple people on your books and you are able to work like a team even with your employees sitting at distant location. The people working on your books with the power of cloud will get real-time updates to the changes made and this act as one of the biggest advantages of using hosted QB over desktop installed QB.

Breaking the limitation of accessing your books from office desktop only

Another big limitation that most of the businesses face in the modern era is accessibility through office desktop only but this problem persists with only those businesses that are still dependent upon their traditional accounting system. You should know that in order to use the accounting software in the traditional way, you will have to install it in your office desktop and every time you access the books, you will need to return back to your office desktop. This hampers the productivity of your firm and makes you less active as well.

But you can break this limitation simply by moving to the hosted QuickBooks solution. When you will choose a QB hosting provider then the cloud vendor will shift your accounting software along with the data on its public cloud server and you will be provided with an RDP. You will use this RDP to login to your hosted cloud platform and start using QB without actually installing it. This is another major advantage of using hosted QB over traditional QB solution.

Breaking the limitation of devices

There is no denial in the fact that when it comes to using the QuickBooks and working on your books then the first device that will come to your mind is your office desktop. But you can’t carry your office desktop everywhere you go and even if you are using QB by installing it on your laptop, you will still be limited to your laptop only. One doesn’t always carry his laptop everywhere, but the need of working on the books can pop up at any time and at any place.

Well, you can easily get rid of the limitation of the device by switching to the advantageous cloud hosted QuickBooks. You can use your hosted QB on any device with internet access like mobile, laptop and tablet. You don’t need to install the QB software on any of these devices. So, by using the hosted QB solution, you can carry your accounting software right into your pocket and start working on your books from anywhere.

Breaking the limitation of scaling up or down

If are working on your QuickBooks accounting software in the traditional way that involves installing the software on the desktop then you will find it very difficult to scale up according to your growing needs. You must be aware of the fact that your business is either going to grow or fall back to its initial stage with time and you need to be prepared for both the situations.

If you will use hosted QuickBooks solution then you can break the limitation of not being able to scale up or scale down as per your changing business needs. If you are witnessing growth in your business then you can easily scale up your cloud accounting needs by simply requesting from the cloud vendor. You don’t even need to change the cloud vendor to fulfil your growing needs.

QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting solution is surely a magic wand for SMEs and professionals. By using the hosted QB solution in the right way, both SMEs and accounting professionals can get rid of the limitations imposed by traditional accounting solutions.

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