Top 10 ways to take advantage of IRS website for this year’s tax season

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Yes, we have arrived at that time of the year when everyone will start rushing towards their documents, consult tax professionals and mark the deadline in their calendar. You got it right! We are talking about the not so liked tax season. For individual people, filing taxes might be a small part of their day to day life as it can be done very easily but for businesses, it is total chaos. There are many things that a business needs to keep in mind while filing taxes and the added hassle of changing tax laws make it more difficult for businesses to deal with taxes with ease.

But with proper bookkeeping throughout the year, with the help of tax software solutions like Drake, ProSeries, Lacerte and by taking advantage of the cloud platform, businesses are able to make their tax life easier. These tools provide an easy way of filing taxes for businesses. In addition to this, businesses have become very concerned regarding the safety of their data during the tax season as well because criminals get active during the tax season only.

Well, through this blog post, we will try to ease your tax filing journey as here, we will talk about the top 10 ways to use the official website of IRS during or before the tax season. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Check the dirty dozen

As discussed in the outset of the article, criminals and hackers get active during the tax season but you can know which type of scamming tools and techniques will be trending this year by checking the dirty dozen list issued by IRS every year. You should know that this list contains all the different types of scams that will be used by criminals for the current year and by checking it, you can stay aware about the top scams.

Know every change in the tax law

While you will find thousands of website providing you with the latest information regarding the tax changes but all of them are not reliable. Tax laws keeps on changing every year and sometimes it becomes very difficult to keep tabs on all these changes. Well, in such situations, you can use IRS and get all the updates you need regarding taxes as it the most reliable source of tax information for every year.

Get your questions answered

With tax seasons, there come many different types of queries as filing tax is not a cakewalk. You can surely consult your tax expert to know more about taxes, but you can also use the amazing Interactive Tax Assistant provided by IRS as it covers most of the tax related topics. You will just need to type in your questions and hit the search bar and you will get step by step guide to your answer. Use this interactive feature as it is very helpful in guiding you through the tax season.

Download all the forms

Forms are surely an essential part of the tax filing process and you will surely need many different types of forms in order to file taxes. Well, what could be better than having a centralized location for all the forms that you need during the tax season? IRS acts as your one-stop-shop for each and every type of federal tax forms and publications. You should know that there are more than 100 IRS publications are available to be downloaded on the official website of IRS.

Take advantage of the IRS Direct Pay

If you owe taxes, which you surely do, then one of the best ways to pay your taxes will be through the IRS Direct Pay system. Although there are various different ways of paying taxes but you should use the very advantageous IRS Direct Pay if you are looking for a safe, easy and completely free way to pay taxes directly from your savings account or from your checking. So, choose this method of tax payment if you want to pay taxes in a hassle free way.

Know about charity

If you are looking forward to get the deduction in your taxes on the donation you have made this year then you will need to donate to a qualified charity. You can’t just go on and donate to any charity and apply for the deduction. But how do you know that the charity is qualified? Well, you can use the IRS EO Select Check tool available on the official website of IRS in order to know whether the charity is qualified or not.

Receive a transcript

If you are filing taxes then it becomes a matter of uttermost importance to get the receipt of your tax filing. And the easiest way to get a copy of your tax transcript is to bring the Get Transcript tool of IRS into use. If you will use this tool then you will get a copy of your receipt just within 5 o 10 days from the day IRS receives your online request.

Get your tax record

There are many businesses that need their tax record in order to some type of analysis or for any other purpose. Well, instead of relying on unreliable resources, you should visit the official website of IRS and get your tax records without any hassle.

Know your refund status

Knowing the refund status is also an important part of tax filing and the best source for knowing the status of your refund is the official website of IRS. You will find the button of Get your Refund Status on the home page of IRS website and you should bring it to use.

Renew your PTIN

If you are looking forward to renewing your PTIN then you will need to use the official website of IRS. PTIN or Preparer Tax Identification Number for the current year 2020 is now being processed on the official website of IRS.

If you will be aware about the facilities provided by the official website of IRS then you will be able to ease your tax filing life. During the tax season, when criminals and hackers are lurking around to steal your data and a long list of unreliable websites, IRS can act as a guide and your trusted source for information.

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