Why should I move to Lacerte tax hosting?

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Tax professional and business people of various domains have been getting benefits from the Lacerte software since its launch. And even after so many changes in the tax practices and trend, the Lacerte software still remains as the favorite choice among its users. It has been known for its user-friendly interface, various forms and easy to understand tax filing process.

The key highlight of the software is its ability to integrate with other business solutions which reduces the manual data entry while eliminating the tax errors. However, you won’t be able to work on your peak efficiency with the desktop version of the software as it has lots of limitation, but as you shift to the Lacerte tax hosting, you get unchained from all the restriction and are able to use the advantages of your cloud for boosting the pace of growth of your business.

You might find different tax software solutions which can be hosted on the cloud, but still,they are way behind in terms of the features offered by an ideal tax accounting software like Lacerte.

With Lacerte on the cloud, you get intact with many features and you are also able to remain economical while even using the cloud. Let’s look further into it.

You get secure access

With the shift on the cloud, the question of safety becomes paramount among the users. And it’s obvious because now, the data and software are no more on their local desktop, but on a cloud server of third party hosting provider. However, after comparison with the risk associated with the local storage system, you will find the Lacerte tax hosting solution to be far more reliable.

In this era of evolving threats, most of the cloud providers offer protocols to deal with the cyber-attacks and provide you a secure and sound way of accessing your data on the cloud. You get features like Intrusion Detection System, Intrusion Prevention system, firewall, etc. for accessing your data securely.

Operational issues are equal to zero

You will find many people who will advocate that after switching to the Lacerte tax hosting solution, you will have to face many IT issues, but it’s completely opposite of what you will be offered in the cloud. You will get the exact same copy of the desktop version of Lacerte on the cloud with all the functions and features. With your tax software on the cloud, you can always remain immune to IT issues because you get round the clock customer support free of cost from your hosting provider.

You get flexible pricing

In comparison to the conventional system, the pricing of the Lacerte tax hosting solution is way more flexible. The cloud works on the pay as you go model so instead of paying for the whole solution, you will have to just pay for what you will be using. You would also be saving a great amount on the server and infrastructure you get everything as ready-made in the cloud platform.

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