The chains of in-house server broken by QuickBooks hosting

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Cloud accounting has now become much more than an option as the unique features of this advanced accounting solution has made it a necessity among professional and small and medium-sized businesses. There are various options of cloud accounting solution and that’s why you need to analyze all these options and then choose the best one for your seamless cloud journey.

But in this blog post, we will be focusing only on the two major cloud accounting options which people have while moving to the cloud and they are; in-house server and QuickBooks hosting. The hosting option of the QB has several advantages over the in-house server and we will be looking forward to how the chains of the in-house server are broken by the hosted QuickBooks solution.

The chains of budget

Your budget is one of the most important things to consider while moving to the cloud accounting solution as the price paid for opting the solution is different for all. The in-house server puts the chains of budget to the user as this option of cloud accounting is very costly and is not practical for small and mediums sized businesses. You will have to pay for the IT infrastructure which will basically act as your cloud server. In addition to this, you will also have to pay for the IT team which you will hire for maintaining your server. All these become a money-guzzler for SMEs and small accountants, bookkeepers, but the QuickBooks hosting solution doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and fits perfectly in your small budget.

The chains of maintenance

Maintaining your in-house server is also a very big headache and in any situation, you should try to avoid it by choosing the QuickBooks hosting solution. If you will choose the in-house server then the hassle of maintaining the uptime so that you can be sure about your business continuity will be upon you. You will have no one to blame if you face downtime in your house server, and even with a professional IT team, you won’t be able to match the high uptime provided in the QuickBooks hosting solution. The hosting providers offer 99.95% of high uptime which makes it almost impossible to face more than a few minutes of downtime throughout the year.

The chains of accessibility

Even after pouring a lot of money and taking the hassle of maintenance on yourself, you will still not be able to access your books from anywhere like in the case of QuickBooks hosting. In the in-house server solution, you have to install the QB software on each of the systems which you want to use for your QuickBooks operations. And that is a big limitation while in the case of hosted QuickBooks solution; you will have the power of accessing your Books from anywhere and at anytime as there is no need to install the software on any device in order to use it.

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