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QuickBooks enterprise hosting services

In the U.S only, there are more than 30.7 million small businesses and this number might look very dramatic to you but it is actually true. The proliferation of small businesses can be credited to the influx of internet and globalization as both have played a very vital role in making the entry to the business world very easy. Gone are those days when you need to have a large capital in order to bring your ideas from paper to reality as the modern day industry scene is far cry from what it used to be a couple of decades ago.

But this doesn’t mean that running a business has become easy. With the proliferation of businesses in every industry, the competition has also increased by many folds, and businesses had to work hard in order to become successful.

Carelessness in accounting is the main reason for failure

Well, there are many reasons for the failure of small businesses but one of the main reasons is ignoring accounting. If you will not maintain your account properly then everything will quickly go haywire in your business. It doesn’t matter at which scale you are running your business or in which industry you are in, you will always have to focus on your accounting in order to keep you away from going astray.

The main reason why you need to manage your accounting properly is it shows your financial heath which is necessary for planning budget, attracting investors, making decisions, and much more. And the best way to make sure that your accounting is being managed impeccably is to use the most powerful accounting solution in the form of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting: A panacea for all accounting issues

QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the most popular and powerful accounting software and for most of the accounting experts, it is surely a panacea for all the accounting issues. Developed and marketed by Intuit, the Enterprise version of QB is surely the most powerful and advanced accounting solution of the modern era. There are surely many other versions of QB available in the market but nothing can match the functionality and feature of Enterprise. Many people use this advanced accounting software by installing it on their desktop but if you want to use this powerful accounting solution in an impeccable form then you must use it on the cloud, in the form of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

So, let’s go through the accounting software first and then move on to its cloud hosted version.

QuickBooks Enterprise accounting solution

Among the three versions of QB, the Enterprise is the most advanced one and it is generally used by medium sized businesses with more than 15 or 20 employees. You should know that this advanced accounting software has been specially designed for growing businesses and it offers a dedicated accounting platform to all the SMEs and accounting professionals. Even while being a stand alone platform, the advanced QB Enterprise solution offers different features that can be easily tailored according to the need of different industries and that’s what makes QB Enterprise the leader of the accounting world.

If your business has already outgrown other versions of QB then the Enterprise version will be just perfect for your business. But you should know that even the Enterprise edition has maintained the ease of use and simplified the features for its users. You don’t need to be an accounting expert in order to use the advanced accounting features of the Enterprise version.

Some of the unique industry specific features that you will get with QB Enterprise are:-

  • Manufacturing and wholesale- Advanced inventory management features that includes barcode scanning, enhanced pick, parcel, and ship, landed cost feature, cycle count, and much more. All these features will make managing inventory very easy.
  • Contractors-Job costing center that summarizes each and every type of data at a single location so that you can work more quickly.
  • Nonprofit- Easy management of nonprofit workflows like the easy, seamless, and quick entry of donations, easy to setup budget, and large storage space so that you can easily add hundreds of donors.
  • Professional services- View each and every client on a single screen and manage your project with ease. Ability to set specific billing rates, and use customizable reporting like unbilled expenses by reporting profit and loss by job, and much more.
  • Retail- Easily customize and automate pricing along with an option of integrated inventory management for smooth inventory management in a retail store.
  • Accountants- Quick access to reconciliation and option of client data review.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting

Now that you have understood the power and features of the QB Enterprise accounting software, it becomes very necessary to know about what the cloud hosting of this powerful accounting software has to offer you.

Global access- If you will shift your Enterprise edition accounting software on the cloud then you will be able to access your books from anywhere and at anytime. You will just need any device with internet access and you will be ready to work on your books.

Heightened security- You don’t need to worry about the proliferation of cyberattacks as the cloud will bring the best form of security to you. There will be many security layers that will protect you from cyber attacks. Cloud will act as a panacea for all your security issues and stop things from getting haywire.

High uptime- If you will shift to the cloud platform then you will get the power of high uptime as well. A good cloud hosting provider will always offer you 99.99% of high uptime and this is one of the main reasons why so many people shift to cloud.

Scalability- The cloud will grow with your business and you will not need to buy new servers or hardware in order to scale up. You can also scale down with ease if you will be using the cloud hosting with your QB Enterprise solution.

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