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QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting

Cloud accounting is the new normal among accounting professionals and all other Small and medium- sized business. With the help of the cloud accounting solution, users have been able to break the chains of restriction imposed on them by the traditional method of accounting and move on to the advanced and modern cloud accounting solution which gives them wings to fly high upon their productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

When a user starts to shop for the best cloud accounting solution then in most of the cases he gets confused as there are numerous cloud accounting solution available in the market but the one cloud accounting solution which is till date the most powerful accounting partner for users looking for a modern-day solution is none other than QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

The QuickBooks Enterprise hosting offers the desired benefits to the user as it is an advanced yet economical accounting solution which fits perfectly in both the budget and accounting needs of the user. But along with this super cloud accounting solution, the user has other options of moving to the cloud and we are going to discuss those options in detail in this blog post.

The QuickBooks Online

 QuickBooks online is also one of the most popular cloud accounting solutions used by professionals and SMEs from all around the world. QuickBooks Online is basically a browser-based cloud accounting solution which works like any other social media sites. First of all, you will need an active internet connection in order to use it and you also don’t need to install the QB app in order to use it, just like you can use social media sites through browsers on your phone, desktop, laptops, and tablets. Then you will have to log in with the credentials and you will start working on your QuickBooks online without any hassle.

It is one of the best options of remote access as one doesn’t need to be present in his office in order to access his books as the cloud platform makes QBO and its books to be available for access from anywhere and at any time. But there are several drawbacks of this popular cloud accounting solution which keeps it a step behind the popular QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution.

One of the biggest issues of QBO is long waiting time for assistance. If you encounter a problem in your QBO solution then there are chances that you might not hear from the customer care immediately and that can affect the continuity of your business.  Other than this, semi-steep learning curve and navigational issues can also act as one of the biggest drawbacks. 

The in-house server

Another popular way of using the cloud accounting solution is by opting for the in-house server. In the in-house server solution, the user has to install the IT infrastructure in his premise which will later act as the cloud server which in the case of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, is provided by the hosting provider. After the installation of the IT-infrastructure, the user will have to hire an IT team in order to maintain the infrastructure as all the IT solutions are prone to downtime and in order to maintain the business continuity, the user will have to have an IT team which will be responsible for keeping the infrastructure up and running.

The in-house server solution of moving to the cloud is very expensive and that’s why it is considered not to be practical for small and medium-sized businesses. The cost of building an IT-infrastructure doesn’t only occupies large space in your premise and add up to your electricity bill, but it burns up a hole in the pocket of the user as these infrastructures are very costly. In addition to this, the cost of in-house server rises up with your own IT team whom you will have to hire and pay.

Even with all these burdens, you will not get global accessibility with the in-house server as in order to use the QB software, you will have to install in your office desktop. You will also not be able to use the QB software on every device and there will be no guarantee of the uptime. Even the security of your sensitive financial data will be upon you and with even a little bit of carelessness, it can be compromised.

What keeps QuickBooks Enterprise hosting ahead of these options?

The QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is considered as the best accounting solution and above all the mentioned cloud accounting options in this blog because the disadvantages of this amazing cloud solution has negligible disadvantages and more advantages. With the power of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution, you will be able to move away from the restrictions of the above-mentioned cloud accounting options and be more productive.

The QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution has very robust customer service which is not available in the case of QBO. The customer service provided by the hosting providers is quite efficient and their response time is also very good. Their team is comprised of qualified and talented IT professionals who are well versed in providing world-class customer service without any delay. So, if you will face any problem in QuickBooks Enterprise hosting then it will be immediately resolved.

Other than this, the price factor which is a hindrance in the in-house server is also wiped out in the case of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting as choosing this advanced and modern cloud accounting solution is quite economical. You can easily fit this advanced cloud accounting solution in the form of QB Enterprise hosting in your tight budget. Along with that, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance, as both the high uptime and maintenance of the cloud server is handled by the hosting provider and it allows the user to focus on their core job instead of getting engaged with complex IT issues.

So, if you are going to move to cloud because of the restrictions of the traditional method of accounting then you should always choose the QuickBooks Enterprise hosting instead of QBO and in-house server.

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