The 10 benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting for CPAs

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The industry of CPAs has become very competitive as the accounting services have become very diverse and now people are looking for CPAs with industry expertise. Those days are long gone when clients used to choose CPAs based on their bookkeeping knowledge only as the modern need of clients have changed drastically.

In the current world, most of the business wants their CPAs to be the chief advisor of their company as well as finance is one of the most important parts of decision-making process and in order to make most of the decisions successful, the involvement of financial information is very important. CPAs are the core of financial information and that’s why most of the business want them to contribute to the decision- making process so that their decisions can be successful and they could get expected results.

With so much of expectations and the rising competition among CPAs, they now need to choose the best accounting solution because in addition to the diverse role, clients now choose CPAs based on their use of latest technology as well and what could be better than QuickBooks Enterprise hosting in this case.

The QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is one of the most powerful accounting solutions which is used on the cloud platform and it is famously known as cloud accounting solution. The QB Enterprise the most advanced accounting solution in its series of QB software and after moving it to cloud, it becomes the best cloud accounting solution because, in addition to the advanced features of the QB Enterprise solution, the CPAs are able to take advantage of the cloud platform as well.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the top 10 benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting for CPAs which is making it the most admired choice among the professionals.


The best part about QuickBooks Enterprise solution is that it allows the CPAs to work without any interruption because in case of this amazing cloud accounting solution, the hosting provider offers guaranteed high uptime of 99.95% which means that the user will have to face only a few minutes of downtime throughout the year. This high uptime allows the CPAs to work without being interrupted by the traditional downtime issues.


Most of the CPAs entering into the accounting industry have maximum chances of growth because they are new and in such situations, they need an accounting service which can be adjusted according to their changing needs. The QB Enterprise solution fits perfectly into such requirements because it comes with high scalability and it can be adjusted as per the increasing or decreasing need of the CPAs.


CPAs are not those professionals that have a very high budget for their business solution and that’s why they need to manage everything in their profession in the tight budget. The QB hosting solution fits perfectly in such requirement as well because one can opt for this amazing cloud accounting solution in the price of their weekly Starbucks coffee budget. The price of hosting your QuickBooks Enterprise solution on the cloud platform is very economical and after searching, you can easily find an affordable deal without compromising on the quality of cloud.

No office-desktop restriction

CPAs service has now become very diverse and that’s why office hours are not enough for a CPA if he wants to stand out from the crowd. But the traditional method of accounting stops him from working from anywhere else while the QB Enterprise on cloud is accessible from anywhere and at anytime. So even if your clients request any accounting service at midnight, you can easily fulfill their need without any hassle as QB on cloud is accessible from everywhere.

No safety issues

CPAs need to be extra cautious about the data which they use because they generally deal with the financial data of their clients and if any security issues arise, then the CPA will lose credibility in the market. But such safety issues are wiped out in the QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution since it comes with advanced security measures that wipe out all the chances of any type of security breach and that’s why it is so much admired by all the CPAs.

Technical support

Most of the CPAs are not very good with the IT issues and if they will start spending time on IT issues then their accounting operations will be hampered but with QB Enterprise on the cloud, the CPAs get round the clock technical support from their hosting provider and the best part about this technical support is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for it as it comes in-built with the hosting package.

Multi-user access

Accounting is a teamwork effort and who knows it better than CPAs? But the traditional method of accounting degrades the teamwork while the QB Enterprise on the cloud promotes it. The multi-user access of QuickBooks Enterprise on cloud allows the CPAs to work like a team with real-time access to all the updates, even if other accountants are sitting at different geographical locations. One can easily add multiple users to their QB Enterprise on the cloud and start working with them with complete control over the data as an admin can limit other user’s working area of the software so that they are not able to access sensitive data.

Disaster recovery system

One of the best things about the QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution is that it acts as a disaster recovery system for all your financial data. If any type of disaster whether man-made or natural hits your business, the chances of complete data loss are maximum since everything is stored in your computer which is destroyed during the disaster but that is not the case with cloud accounting solution as one can easily recover his data from the cloud without wasting any time and resume his business.

So, if you are CPA and looking for the best accounting solution to stand out from the crowd and to maintain your speed of growth then use QuickBooks Enterprise solution and get rid of all your worries.

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