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There are many people out there in the modern era who still don’t believe in making the most of the available technological solutions. You should know that we are living in a technology-driven era where each and every part of the business is being dominated by technological solutions. It doesn’t matter which type of business you are running or what is the size of your business, if you want to become successful in any industry then the first thing that you will need to do is to take advantage of the available technological solutions.

Gone are those days when technology was limited to a handful of businesses out there as we are currently living in the modern era where technological solutions have become an integral part of all the businesses out there. Whether you are using Google Drive or just taking advantage of software, you are making the most of the technological solutions available in the modern era. And in this blog post, we are going to talk about such a technological solution that can be used by almost all the businesses out there and that technological solution is known by the name of cloud hosting in the form of QuickBooks hosting.

Since every business needs to manage its account, they need to have the most robust technological solution in their firm for managing their books and keeping tabs on their financial health. But if you are thinking that we are going to talk about desktop installed QuickBooks accounting solution then you are completely wrong. We are talking about one of the most advantageous cloud hosting solutions available out there in the market in the form of QuickBooks hosting. You should know that the QB on the cloud is one of the most advanced, powerful, and popular cloud accounting solutions that is being used by businesses from all around the world.

Well, if you are feeling that the desktop installed accounting solution it not able to fulfill your needs and if you are made the decision to move to the advantageous cloud accounting solution in the form of QuickBooks hosting then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we are going to talk about some of the most amazing and interesting facts about hosted QuickBooks.

Same User Interface

You might be thinking that when you will shift to the cloud accounting solution then you will have to unlearn everything about the UI of the desktop installed software solution and then start from scratch when you will begin your journey for the cloud accounting solution. But this is not true.

You should know that when you will move to the cloud accounting solution then you will get the same UI that you have been working on from so many years. This happens because the same desktop installed accounting software will be shifted to the cloud and you will also not have to compromise on any of the features of the desktop installed accounting solution.

Surcharges of authorization

Someone might have suggested you go with only Intuit Authorized cloud hosting providers but they will never tell that you will have to pay an extra price for authorization in addition to your cloud package. Yes, it’s absolutely true.

When you will look at the pricing page of an Intuit authorized cloud hosting provider then you will realize that they have mentioned that $5 will be charged as a surcharge in addition to the cloud price. These lines are mentioned in fine prints and that’s why there are maximum chances you will miss it.

This simply means that if the cloud package is $50 per month per user then you will have to pay $55 because of the additional surcharge of $%. And authorization is nothing more than a label given by Intuit.

Downtime may include repair, maintenance, and upgrades

When you will look at the features of a cloud hosting provider for your QB accounting solution then the first thing that will pop up in your mind is 99.99% of high uptime. Well, such a high uptime on cloud is considered ideal as with this type of high uptime, you will only have to deal with a few minutes of downtime.

But you should know that the downtime may not include maintenance, upgrades, and repair. If the cloud hosting provider is using a low-quality server then there will be frequent maintenance, upgrades, and repair. This is why it is considered ideal to ask about the details of the downtime.

Cloud vendors don’t own data center, they own space in it

All the cloud hosting providers out there have one thing in common and that is the data center page. All the users out there looking forward to cloud accounting solutions want to know about the type of data center used by the cloud hosting provider and there is nothing wrong with it. But if you are thinking that the cloud hosting providers owns that data center then you need to begin researching again.

Almost all the cloud hosting providers out there offering cloud services for QB don’t own a data center completely rather they own space in the data center where your sensitive financial data will be stored safely. So, never think that cloud hosting providers owns a data center.

The free trial is a must

If you have chosen a cloud hosting provider after going through a long list of cloud vendors but if that cloud vendor is not offering free trial then you should start looking for other options. You should never take free trial lightly as it will allow you to know the actual cloud service provided by the cloud vendor.

In order to use the free trial, you will just have to fill a simple form. And after completing the free trial, it will be your decision to either go for the service or start looking for other options. But never make the mistake of working with a cloud vendor without a free trial.

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