Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your QB Hosting Provider

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Cloud accounting has now become a new normal for businesses. With the growing use of technology in every sector of the business, accounting has also not been left behind. The traditional way of accounting is now outdated and use of cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks hosting is being adopted in each and every part of the world.

With the growing popularity of a market, the number of service or product providers also increases with the number of buyers and the same goes for the QuickBooks hosting market.

There are now numerous QuickBooks hosting providers in the market but choosing the right one for your business is very much necessary. An informed decision while choosing a hosting provider is very much necessary to make the most of the highly advanced accounting solution. So let’s go through some of the important questions which you must ask before choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider.

Where is your data center located and how it offers complete security?

Although you might be thinking that all your data and software are located in the cloud which is true but if you go deeper into the cloud computing system then you will realize at the end, the data is stored at data centers which are highly secured. You should ask your QuickBooks hosting provider about the location of the data center and the safety protocols of the data center on both physical and virtual level. In addition to this, you should also ask about the certification of the data center.

How do you manage your support?

When it comes to cloud hosting or any other IT solution, then queries and issues will come built in. And in cases of QuickBooks cloud hosting, the quality of the service becomes a matter of prime importance as all your financial data and operation depends on it. Therefore you should make sure that the quality of their customer support is up to par so that your troubles can be solved instantly and your workflow wouldn’t be interrupted.

What are the legal issues regarding QuickBooks hosting?

You should know that the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has made several standards and guidelines which a QuickBooks hosting provider needs to follow otherwise he can’t operate and can’t offer hosting services in the market. If you are moving to QB then you can ask for a written clause from the hosting provider which states about the protection of your data by the hosting provider.

What about the scalability of your service?

With the growing business, you might need to scale up your QuickBooks hosting service and similarly, with a downfall in the market, you will need to scale down your hosting services. That’s why having a scalable hosting solution is very much necessary as it will allow you to adjust your hosting services according to the increasing and decreasing business. You can ask your hosting provider about the scalability of their hosting service and can analyze it according to your needs.

So, before choosing a hosting provider, ask them the above-mentioned questions and if they fit perfectly into your criteria then you can easily opt for them., 

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